Protect our Sharks – they’re not as scary as you’d think

Dun dun…dun dun…dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. Yep! You’ve all heard the famous theme song from Jaws, the movie that based on the hit Peter Benchley novel of the same name in the 1970s. It’s a classic movie (shame on you if you haven’t seen it) that bore famous lines such as “we’re going to need a bigger boat”. The story it tells is that of a small sea side town called Amity. A town that rarely experiences any form of crime. In fact, nothing ever happens. That is, except for the summertime when the beaches fill up as holidaymakers enjoy the sun sea and sand. That is, until a Great White Shark arrives, turning the lives of all that live there upside down. 

The story paints a clear picture. A picture of a monster, a feeding machine that has blood lust for human flesh. It was at this point that sharks got widespread coverage as monsters of the deep. But there is a fundamental problem here. The fact is, sharks are extremely misunderstood. The picture portrayed by the book and by the movie was quite inaccurate. Indeed, the author Peter Benchley himself regretted the impact that his story had on sharks. 

Sharks have been on Earth for around 400 million years. They have evolved to become the top predator in our oceans. Without them, our marine ecosystems would collapse. Sharks are amazing creatures but the often get overlooked because they aren’t as friendly as dolphins, whales or seals. These animals are seen as cute and fluffy. But who will stand up for the shark?

The movie “Jaws” is a simple movie, who’s concepts were fictional and depictions of shark behaviour – inaccurate, has now led to generation upon generation handing down a baseless fear of these amazing creatures. 

“If I have one hope, it is that we will come to appreciate and protect  these wonderful animals before we manage, through ignorance, stupidity and greed, to wipe them out altogether.”

– Peter Benchley (author of ‘Jaws’)

Shark populations face the threat of extinction in every part of the world primarily due to overfishing driven by the high demand for shark fins. However there are additional threats facing sharks that include by-catch, where sharks are killed when other seafood is being targeted, recreational fishing, sharks being used for ingredients in cosmetics or health supplements, destruction of habitat and more.
And did you know that shark fins are obtained by removing the fins of the shark while they are still alive before they are thrown back into the water leaving them helpless to other predators if they do not bleed out beforehand in absolute agony.

According to Oceana, of the nearly 500 species of sharks, only about a dozen are potentially dangerous to humans. Even for those species that are, humans aren’t preferred prey. Furthermore, they don’t attack people that often—certainly not enough to warrant their stereotype.

More needs to be done to protect these beautiful creatures from extinction. Educate yourself. Be wary of the products you purchase and what materials they are made from. Only support sustainable fishing if you eat fish (fishing is so cruel!!). Do not support companies that sponsor recreational shark hunts!

Please, do what you can before it is too late!

The male underwear conundrum

For most women I know, underwear is a sacred thing. Indeed, for most girls I know, they can never have too much. It can be silk or satin. Lacy or frilly. I probably don’t even know enough adjectives to describe the different types. For guys it’s different though. 

You see, men very rarely go underwear shopping. Sure, there might be an occasion where we see something funny and decide to buy it on a whim but we don’t go through aisles looking at pair after pair. In fact, a lot of us would be happy just buy a generic pack of three. Of course, in the metrosexual world that we live in, there are those that want the brand names. I mean, some guys really want to have Calvin Klein written a few inches from your genitalia and to those guys, fair does. But as long as they are comfortable and they are in reasonably good condition, then that’s usually fine. I certainly don’t buy underwear with the intention of feeling sexy. But then again, I don’t post pictures of myself in my underwear on Instagram like some guys do. 

It’s interesting in a way though why girls pay so much attention to something that no one else can see. I mean, I’m not complaining. Some of the stuff I’ve seen from La Senza in the past has made my eyes nearly popped out. Maybe it’s because women’s underwear is more substantial. As women wear more of it, it takes on a greater value. Obviously there is the element that if you look good, you feel good. And I guess that in itself is why men don’t get as excited by underwear. I mean, you either have acceptable underwear or budgie smugglers which are only acceptable if you are a 70s porn star with a Magnum PI moustache. I’ve definitely never been Ina situation where I’ve looked at myself in my boxers and thought I look sexy. But, maybe that’s a confidence thing?

What do you think? Why do guys care less about underwear? How often do you shop for it or shop for your partners? I’m interested to hear your thoughts. 

The Color of Night [Movie Review]

Hey there folks! I’m back and so are my photos. So I thought today and get right back into things with a new movie review. Today we are looking at the 1994 erotic mystery thriller Color of Night starring Bruce Willis and the delectable Jane March. So hang onto your draws folks. We are in for a ride!

Some Background:

As I mentioned above, the Color of Night stars Jane March and Bruce Willis (in what must be his most erotic movie ever made). It also stars Lance Henriksen (from Aliens and the hit TV show Millenium), Lesley Ann Warren (Clue) as well as Brad Dourif and Scott Bakula. It was directed by Richard Rush (who also directed 1980s hit Stunt Man). Despite the hype pre-release, Color of Night was a gigantic flop and has the honour of winning the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst film of the year at the 1994 awards ceremony. Much was made about the gratuitous nature of the sex scenes in this movie, which were quite a shock to many a Bruce Willis fan. That’s right, not only Jane March but Bruce Willis also had scenes of full frontal nudity. 

The infamous swimming pool scene that stunned fans of Bruce Willis

So why am I reviewing it? Well, despite it being a box office flop, Color of Night was one of the top twenty most rented films in 1995. It was also singled out by Maxim as having the best sex scene in the HISTORY of cinema. The scenes of a sexual nature were so intense that the lead actress Jane March has frequently stated she was not comfortable with them and had to be convinced by the director to film them.  There is also hearsay that Bruce Willis required a body double in one such scene, an underwater sex scene, because the director felt that Brucie’s member was “too small”. However, it should be noted that I have not been able to or wish to verify this fact but thank IMDb all the same for the trivia. 

I have two questions. 1) is she covering that area for a reason or 2) what is she expecting to hear down there?

The story:

So the next thing I should probably talk about is the story. Yes, believe it or not, there is a story. 

Dr. Bill Capa (Willis) is a New York City psychologist who falls into a deep depression after an unstable patient commits suicide in front of him by jumping from his office window. The sight of the bloody body of his patient clad in a bright green dress causes Capa to develoo psychosomatic color blindness, taking away his ability to see the color red.

To restart his life, Capa travels to Los Angeles to stay with a friend, fellow therapist and best-selling author Dr. Bob Moore (Bakula), who invites him to sit in on a group therapy session. But one night Moore is violently murdered in the office and Capa is plunged into the mystery of his friend’s death.
Moore would gather his patients every Monday for a discussion of their problems. The police consider them, and possibly Capa, as suspects in the murder. Capa continues to live in Moore’s house where he meets and begins an affair with Rose (March), a mysterious girl who enters his life. he also decides to take over Moore’s therapy group and learns of their pasts and obsessions as the murder investigation takes place. 

Bruce getting all romantic.

The Evaluation:

This movie is an intriguing one. For starters it’s not the world’s greatest film and neither does it shy away from the fact that while it is a mystery and a thriller, there is heavy emphasis on sex. Indeed, Jane March was hired for this role because of her willingness to do nude scenes in her previous work. Needless to say this came back to haunt her later in her career having only acted in 17 motion pictures since her role in this movie. Amazingly though, she is now only 43 years old which means she was 21 when she starred in this movie, while Bruce Willis was 39. Cradle Snatcher!  Indeed, the fact that she was young and beautiful was one of the chief marketing ploys for this movie, along with, of course, a number of female fans also having an interest due to Bruce Willis’s exposure. Literally. 

So he was literally old enough to be her Dad?

Surprisingly though, the movie does try hard to flex its muscles as a mystery too. Unfortunately, this often comes at a cost as early screenings came back lukewarm with a number of twists not really working as well as expected. In fact, there was such debate over how the movie flowed, the Producers and director were at odds with the producers creating their own cut of the movie against the wishes of the director. In fact, the stress got so much for the director that he suffered a heart attack. These days, it’s the director’s cut of the movie that survives with the producers’ cut considered an unmitigated disaster. 

The film does offer a strong supporting cast and did have potential. It just so happened that the film was somewhat poorly executed and one could argue just didn’t live up to it. Today, it’s the sex that people remember it for. If they remember it at all. Indeed, Bruce Willis himself rarely comments on the film stating that it just “didn’t work” when asked. Willis would have to admit that this film took place during a definitely lull in his career where other flops such as Hudson Hawk and Last Man Standing hurt his reputation greatly. Luckily for him, things took a turn for the better not long after with hits including Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys, Fifth Element and Die Hard with a Vengeance, at least until recently. 

Overall, this movie is a bit of a bust but yet it somehow deserves at least one watch to see how bad / cheesy it is. I watched it that one and only time because I used to be a big Willis fan. You can imagine how shocked I was! For it’s time, it was porn with a story. But these days, it’s probably about average considering what we churn out! 

I score this a C –

Smoking – urgh!

I don’t wish to offend. Really, I don’t. But there’s something about smokers and smoking that horrifies me to my very core. 

So my Dad and I went out to collect a pizza for my mum and brother. Every Saturday, they have a ritual of having a pizza but sadly the place we were going to were not delivering!

We went out and ordered. That in itself was an experience. I swear, everyone behind the counter looked about 16 years old to me and I immediately felt incredibly old watching these kids do their stuff while all covered in acne with an air of nativity that is beaten out of you through life. 

Then on our way back, we got stuck outside a local pub and my eyes were drawn to these beautiful girls standing outside, wearing next to no clothing bearing the English winter. I’m talking a semi revealing top, a small jacket and short skirts paired with tights / stockings. And they were all puffing away to cigarettes. 

This is not one of the pretty girls I was referring to but it does illustrate my point.

And I didn’t get it. All these beautiful girls were in their peak and there they were enhaling a hand held exhaust pipe that would undoubtedly be etching time off their very existence. And I couldn’t understand why. Why would they be doing it to themselves? Maybe I’m in a minority. I mean, I don’t think I am but it isn’t an attractive quality. Smoking is toxic, it smells really bad and it is probably the main reason behind the premature deaths of many of my loved ones. And it’s not like th facts behind smoking are hidden. On th cartons it says “smoking kills”. People have seen smokers lung! It’s not a pretty sight. And you can see the effect it has on your health early on. I remember this guy from school, Andrew, who was coughing and spluttering as he would do laps at school and he himself would admit it’s because he smoked.  So am I missing something? Why does this practice still go on? Can someone please enlighten me?

You fakers!!!!

Interesting little story from the Daily Mirror today. It’s about women who are vocal in bed and what it REALLY means. 

A recent study looked into how vocal women are during sex at Indiana University and what it means. 

“There isn’t a lot of research in this area,” said Kristen Mark, a sexuality researcher at Indiana University told CNN , “but we’re bombarded with images through mainstream media that tell us moaning is associated with orgasm and sexual pleasure.”

“So it would be a fairly wise faking strategy to moan since men already tend to associate moaning with orgasm.”

So what are we saying here? Are we saying that every loud orgasm is faked? Or is it possible for a loud vocalisation to actually represent pleasure?

In 2011, Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Colin Hendrie of the University of Leeds published their research on the topic in Archives of Sexual Behavior

In the study, 71 sexually active heterosexual women aged between 18 and 48 were asked questions about making noise during sex. Many of the women had admitted to being vocal during sex but also admitted that is wasn’t an indication of pleasure. 
In fact, 66% of the women said that their loud vocalisations (known better as copulatory vocalisations) were to spur on their partner to climax and bring things to an end.  Interestingly, 87% future explained their motivation was to boost their partner’s self-esteem.

If this news wasn’t concerning enough for men, the study highlighted that the odds having a loud orgasm because of penetrative sex decrease.

In fact, the study came to the conclusion that “While female orgasms were most commonly experienced during foreplay, copulatory vocalisations were reported to be made most often before and simultaneously with male ejaculation.”  Furthermore, the participants of the study ADMITTED that they actually made noise to “RELIEVE BOREDOM” in addition to just being fatigued and/or experiencing pain or  discomfort. 

So I have to say to these lady participants, all those who said that you faked it to boost your partners’ confidence, let’s just hope they didn’t read this. 

It also makes we wonder about a girl I knew from University. She often used to come out of her room in the morning and apologise to us in case she was too loud. But if she was faking it, why didn’t she tone it down slightly? I mean, think of us who are trying to sleep damn it! NOT COOL! I guess it is also a sign that GENTLEMAN, MAKE SURE YOU GET INVOLVED IN FOREPLAY! Women have needs too and if you don’t help them out, then they may even stop faking it!!

You have been warned!

Does our movie collection define us?

So I was glancing through my movie collection today and I got to thinking about whether our movie collections are a fair reflection of who we are. I mean, isn’t that the reason why so many choose such high falooting films as their favourite??

Let’s be honest! Seriously! You know those moments when you are chatting with someone early on in a relationship of some kind and the discussion turns to movies and you ask “what is your favourite film?”  Well how often do you get someone saying something like White Chicks or something a little more mundane like Die Hard? The answer is NOT OFTEN. Why? Because nobody wants to admit that they aren’t higher functioning.  I can’t even count the number of times when I’ve asked a person what their favourite film is that they’ve come back with an answer such as Shawshank Redemption or The Theory of Everything. It’s important to look smart right? That and it would be rather less impressive than coming out with Resident Evil

It got me wondering whether some people genuinely don’t think those sorts of movies. But then that doesn’t make sense. If so many girls hated romantic comedies or if so many guys hated movies such as Piranha 3D, why do studios continue to churn them out? Methinks that the answer is that people just lie out of embarrassment. No one wants to be that person who likes corny, cheesy, or rude movies. 

I’m going to be honest. My movie taste is eclectic and rather odd at times. I somewhat embarrassingly admit that I do have a fair few movies that have “hot” people in them. You know, the sort of movie where you would see boobs here and there. That being said, none of the movies I own are filthy. So while my mind may go into the gutter every now and then, I do have some scruples. Plus there are some films I’ve purchased just out of intrigue. I purchased Spring Breakers for example because I was bewildered about why James Franco got such high praise for a seemingly titilating movie while I purchased Fifty Shades of Grey literally because I had read the book as part of a dare and I wanted to see whether the movie was as cheesy as the book. I would also confess that I also have slight things for Vanessa Hudgens and Dakota Johnson that added to my intrigue. 

I do own a lot of immature movies. By immature, I mean your typical young adult type of film such as the Hangover, Get Hard, numerous other Will Ferrell movies and I did also purchase Piranha 3D. What can I say, I like creature features!!!

I have a fair few blockbusters too as well as some more critically acclaimed ones such as The Godfather, A Beautiful Mind and Dr Strangelove but anything smarter can be easily balanced out by the stupid. 

So what does all this say about me? Maybe that I’m inquisitive, I’m red blooded, I can be serious at times but I’m also quite capable of being silly too. I guess you could say that it also says that while I enjoy the thoughtful and intelligent film, I also enjoy going to films for the big spectical and I’m not afraid of big booms, car chases and action. 

I think probably the biggest thing that would surprise people about my movie collection though, beyond the cruder variety of film is the romantic element. I own quite a few romantic comedies and dramas. Indeed, one element I liked about Fifty Shades of Grey was the rather ludicrous love story that developed. Yep, that’s right. I felt really bad for Anastasia Steele and I could empathise with falling for someone who had different ideas of what love and sex were and how hard that is. Maybe that sounds stupid but it did make sense.  I also like romantic movies with happy endings. There’s too much sadness in the world. Isn’t it nice when people find love at the end? Cheesy, sure! But I wouldn’t be sad to have that romantic ending!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that movie collections probably do say a lot about you and it’s a shame that people aren’t more open about films they like. While it’s quite embarrassing for me to admit (more than anything) that I bought movies like Fifty Shades of Grey or Springbreakers, I actually think that it isn’t as damning or incriminating as I worry it is. I also think it’s no harm for a person to admit they like movies like that or to say that their favourite movie is something cheesy or silly. It just shows you are human and probably makes you sound more relatable than someone who only gets their kicks out of a three hour Scorcese film that has “deep meanings that reflect society”. Honestly, half the time, I don’t leave a film thinking “okay, that was slow but the underlying messages were inspired”. I’m probably more likely to say “that movie was cool! It was so high paced and fast actioned. And that woman was really cute!” Sometimes, a stupid movie that makes you laugh out loud is far more rewarding than watching the Revenant, which is, despite being beautifully shot and reasonably acted, a rather boring movie with somewhat of an anti-climax. 

What are your thoughts?

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to give a big shout out to all of my American buddies here on WordPress. I wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving and that you enjoy this special time of the year with your loved ones. 

I am thankful for, amongst other things, being able to chat with and get to know all of you. Enjoy the Turkey / faux Turkey and don’t be afraid to get your loose pants on. You can always go to the gym tomorrow!

Much love to everyone!


Pia [A Poem]

We were doomed from the moment I met you
But I was too blind to see
That your love wasn’t fair
And my heart could not bear
That your love was not shared just with me.

It was a dangerous liason, a lover you had
But your happiness was never with him
But when your love grew,
You could not break through
Of that mistake that you were in. 

Where you failed was that you told me you loved me
When you were balancing us both at the time.
How could I trust you,
When your words were not true. 
As your bodies did still intertwine.

You slept with him for FOUR months.
When you cried “it was over ” to me.
But you couldn’t quite choose
Which one you would screw.
In the end it wasn’t with me.

But what saddens me most  is the fact we were close
Though the lies they had pulled us apart.
And I’d hate that you cried
Even though that you lied.
And you’ll always have part of my heart.