Sex leads to spirituality in men…

Yesterday, the Sunday Mirror in the United Kingdom shared a story of immense proportion.

The leading paper for hard fact journalism highlighted the work of researchers at Duke University in the United States which claims the release of oxytocin during sex (also know as the “cuddle chemical”) could potentially inspire the belief, or even strengthen the belief in God or a higher power.

Personally, if it’s that good, I’d suggest you put a ring on it.

But anyway, the article (Which is available HERE) goes on to state that “women produce more oxytocin then men, but Duke University hasn’t yet studied its affects on female godliness.” So who knows if sex may be almighty for all genders. It makes you wonder about the whole celibacy thing being a good idea too if it sex strengthens your faith.

As a side note: my favourite part of the article is the figure legends where it says “couple having sex”. I’m glad they cleared that up for us then…

Let me know your thoughts folks!

Alien Isolation – Review [Xbox One]

After a few weeks of what can only be described as an emotional and psychological onslaught, I’ve done it. I’ve finished Alien Isolation. Here are my thoughts. 

The Story:

You are Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley who no one has heard from since the Nostromo landed on the moon LV-426.  Fans of the Aliens series know why but Amanda has no clue what happened to her mum. The game begins with Weyland-Yutani executive Samuels approaching Amanda with news that somebody has managed to locate the flight recorder from the Nostromo and that it is currently being held aboard Sevastopol, a space station owned by the Seegson corporation.  Samuels offers Amanda the opportunity to come with him and retrieve this recorder in the hope that she can get some closure on whatever happened to her mother, which Amanda accepts. So Ripley, Samuels and Weyland-Yutani lawyer Taylor head off to Sevastopol on a ship called “the Torrens”. However, when they arrive, they find that the station is damaged and communication to be dead. Left with no other choice, Ripley, Samuels and Taylor decide to spacewalk over to Sevastopol to investigate. Things only go from bad to worse when debris strikes them separating their EVA line leaving Ripley all by herself who somehow manages to scramble into the Sevastopol airlock and gain access to the station. 

When Amanda gets out of her spacesuit, it becomes clear that something is very wrong at Sevastopol. The ship seems deserted, in disrepair and there are no signs of life except for graffiti which covers the walls. The station has descended into chaos. As she explores the station, she quickly discovers that the society onboard this station has broken down. There are survivors but those that still remain have grouped together into small factions and they aren’t too fond of outsiders. Ripley’s only option is to find the bridge and try and make contact with the Torrens. It’s unsafe here and she needs to find out if Samuels and Taylor made it back.  After successfully avoiding three armed survivors who try to hunt her down, she is confronted by a man named Axel who holds her at gunpoint. He tells her that the reason that the station has gone into meltdown is because there is a monster onboard it and it is hunting down each and everyone of them.  These people have no escape so the only way they are able to survive is in packs as they scavenge the station for weapons and food. Ripley tells Axel that she can help him IF he helps her. In exchange for his direction around the station so that she can find the recorder and find a way to contact her ship, she will help him get off this hell hole. Unfortunately for the two of them, this objective is far from straightforward. The monster lurks in the darkness. 


Alien Isolation is a first person survival horror with a huge emphasis on stealth. Unlike first person shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, the objective is not about gunning down your enemies. It’s about avoiding and outsmarting your enemy, which is predominantly the alien onboard Sevastopol. To advance through the game, you must explore the space station using nothing more than a motion tracker in addition to a few gadgets and some weapons with very limited ammunition. And don’t be fooled. While you must repel and/or avoid the alien, it is not the only thing out to get you. Human occupants and hostile androids known as “Working Joes” are also out to make your life a living hell. The good news is that you can defeat these. Just don’t try killing the alien as it won’t die!!

In fact, the alien AI is pretty impressive. The alien does not follow obvious routes and is extremely receptive to your movements and sounds (even more so if you turn on your Kinect which I wouldn’t advise if you have a cough or anxiety). Make no mistake about it, the alien is hunting you down and it will find you unless you tread very carefully. 

Luckily, you have a motion tracker that helps you to keep tabs on the alien. When you hear it bleep, that usually means it’s a good time to hide under the nearest desk or in the nearest locker. Just know two things: 1) it does not beep when it is standing still (it may be hiding in the vent above you waiting to pounce) and 2) the alien can also hear the tracker so if it’s near you, you want to silence it. 

In addition to different weapons that you collect through the game such as a pistol and flamethrower, you also hunt for parts. These enable you to make additional tools like molotovs, EMP devices and medikits.  You should also be aware that this game is no a checkpoint saver. You WILL have to find terminals to save your progress. 

The games visuals and atmosphere are FANTASTIC and they make you feel like you really are on Sevastopol. The sound is also top notch and genuinely terrifying. I didn’t want to play the game too late at night because I was genuinely concerned at not being able to sleep. However, while the atmosphere was really great, the gameplay did get quite repetitive over time. I don’t want to spoil anything for future players but I couldn’t help but feel at times that the game was dragging on and with you being required to go back to certain areas of the space station multiple times, you do kind of feel like that the story is being uneccesarily spread out. The game does also feel at times like you are playing a game of fetch with the objectives repeatedly demanding you to collect key cards or to access terminals to unlock things. 

The game is very tense though even if you do feel at times like you are overexposed to the alien. It genuinely does get your adrenaline pumping and even tightens your chest. It can also be incredibly frustrating as the alien doesn’t give you much of a let up to the point where you can get quite angry if you don’t take breaks. But kudos to the atmosphere. It really is top notch. 

Overall thoughts:

I would love to say that Alien Isolation is a fun game but it is definitely unique and very atmospheric experience. It is also very stressful. And while I am positive that some people would have thrived on that stress, it didn’t make me want to run back as much as I would have liked, especially as I am such a big fan of the Alien series. The game did capture many of the intricate details that made the Alien film great however and that deserves some praise. I also wasn’t satisfied by the ending of the game, which is the main pay off of any adventure. Whether or whether not this was done to entice a sequel, your guess is as good as mine but when you put the gamer through the stress levels that this game puts you through, you want something in return. 

In the end, I would give this game a C+


~ Atmosphere is incredible 

~ Graphics are superb

~ Captures the feel of Ridley Scott’s Alien. 


~ Poor ending

~ The game dragged on and was repetitive 

~ The game was too stressful.  

A Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocolypse: Review

So recently, I finally got down to watching a film that I had long wanted to see, Scouts Guide To the Zombie Apocolypse. And while I won’t lie and say that the cute blonde on the front cover didn’t play any part in my intrigue of this film, I am self confessed Zombie Apocolypse nerd and a big fan of shows like The Walking Dead and movies like Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil, Shaun of the Dead and World War Z. So I was pretty excited even if I was unsure what to expect. 

The plot:

Three boyhood friends who are scout members get stuck in the middle of a zombie Apocolypse. Pretty simple right?  The three boys, Ben, Carter and Augie have been Scouts pretty much throughout their childhood. And while Augie is a die hard scout aficionado, Carter wants out while Ben is somewhere in between; especially Ben wouldn’t mind out but he doesn’t want to hurt Augie’s feelings.  This comes to a head when a big party from some older kids is happening on the same night that Augie is about to get an important badge and Ben is torn between hanging out with some cute girls and sticking by his friend. Then a zombie Apocolypse happens. All they have is each other to battle the storm until they meet a gorgeous bartender called Denise and comedy ensues as the four of them battle the undead. 


The film, while pretty basic is pretty entertaining. The cast is pretty on point and there are quite a few laughs out there throughout the running time. And while this film might not be as laugh out loud funny as say Shaun of the Dead, the events of the night are quite comical, added to by some great cameos from David Koechner and Cloris Leachman. 

This movie gives you plenty including some rather cringeworthy moments, numerous zombie selfies as well as zombie cats. Yes, you heard me. ZOMBIE CATS. 

Scouts Guide To A Zombie Apocolypse is a fun film that will keep you amused throughout its running time and will give you some memorable moments to joke with friends about. I’m giving this one a B-.

Help. I’m being stalked by an alien (Alien Isolation on X-box)

So here I am on mission 15 out of 18 and I’m stuck under a gurney. I’m facing a door that needs me to do some genius hand movements using an Access Tuner but, I can’t get past it. Why? Because I’m nervous and keep screwing up! Why? Because there is a xenomorph or alien hiding in the air vents that desperately wants to kill me. I’m not particular thrilled by this. So every time I get to that access panel, I’m shaking like an idiot trying to stick the code in when my motion detector reminds me that a big black thing with teeth is heading towards me and I bail quickly getting under the gurney again before the alien does its rounds. I’m thinking that I should be having more fun of this playing Alien Isolation but I really just want this nightmare to end. And I know it’s going to get worse before it ends.  

Jonah Hill mocked on French TV

Jonah Hill recently appeared on French television program Le Grand Journal with the intention of promoting his latest movie War Dogs but things didn’t go quite according to plan…

Hill was being interviewed by the show’s host, French beauty Ornella Fleury when things began to take a turn for the worse. Fleury joked “It’s when I saw you get sodomized by a three-meter-tall demon in This Is the End that I told myself, ‘Now that’s the man of my dreams!'” And Hill didn’t find it one bit funny. Indeed, amidst the laughter, you can hear Hill retort “”I hear you get sodomized pretty often!”

Things only got worse from there as Fleury, undeterred by Hill’s response, proceeded to share with the audience her sexual fantasy involving Hill. Awesome right? Not for Hill. Fleury elaborated “My sexual fantasy would be that we’d meet up in a hotel room at night. We would chat, you’d make me laugh. You would make me laugh a lot! And then all of a sudden, you’d bring your friends DiCaprio and Brad Pitt — And then you’d go away!” Jonah Hill, visibly annoyed at this stage simply responded  “I’m glad I came to this show to get ridiculed by a local weather girl. It’s nice”. 

It has since been reported that Jonah Hill consequently cancelled all further interviews scheduled to promote his movie. Yikes!

For the FULL video of the exchange, watch the video below…

Growing old gracefully?

Here is an interesting article I read from the Daily Record on actresses who have regretted going under the knife cosmetically. 

***For the full article click HERE***
What are your thoughts on cosmetic surgery? Do you think it’s a necessary evil being a celebrity? Personally, I can’t believe some haven’t had more than they make out (see Courtney Love). That being said, Kim Kardashian aside (if you believe that she has only had one minor cosmetic alteration), Denise Richards and Jane Fonda look relatively natural in my opinion as does Jamie Lee Curtis. What do you think? Would you have anything done?

Watch Dogs: The Review

With the imminent arrival of Watch Dogs 2, I decided to give you all a review of the original game which I have recently completed. 

Watch Dogs or Watch_dogs is an open world action adventure third person video game that hit stores worldwide in May 2014. The game, which is published by Ubisoft Montreal, the makers of Assassin’s Creed, was released across multiple platforms including Xbox One, PS4 and PC.  The game is set in Chicago, Illinois and revolves around Aiden Pearce, a hacker who is looking to avenge the death of his niece that resulted from a job gone wrong. The game allows you to travel freely around Chicago and its surrounding countryside and suburban areas as you work your way through the single player campaign while also giving the option to partake in numerous multiplayer activities. You can travel through Chicago by a number of means including by foot, car, motorcycle and train. 

As with all games of this nature, the first and major problem is lining up next to the Grand Theft Auto Series created by Rockstar and if you are looking for a game completely on par with that, you’ll be disappointed. But that isn’t to say that a game still can’t be a good. For me, given that it was made from Ubisoft and that I am such a big fan of Assassin’s Creed, I thought I’d give it a go. Here are my thoughts:

I first attempted to play Watch Dogs in 2015 around March time with high expectations. I had not long ago completed Grand Theft Auto 5 and was psyched to get into my next challenge. When I started the campaign, I was intrigued. It’s a decent premise and the opening does pull somewhat on your heart strings. Then you dive into the game for the first time at a sporting arena in Chicago and herein is where things got a little less enjoyable. 

Now, it may be my age but the controls for Watch Dogs didn’t at first feel natural. I found myself awkwardly scrambling around the controller to hack, run, hide and so on. This didn’t endear me to the game. But I persevered and got through the opening bit including a car chase with police not too disimilar again from GTA. That being said, I think the police in Watch Dogs were slightly more difficult than in GTA. But anyway, you carry on and my first impressions were that the game wasn’t particularly gripping. I felt distracted from the main missions and I wasn’t comfortable with the controls. Furthermore, it became swiftly apparently that the achievements weren’t easy to come by and if that is something that is important to you, you might get frustrated by the lack of “progress”. After about three hours. I stopped playing and didn’t even attempt to again for over a year.  

In July 2016, I gave Watch Dogs one last try to see if my feelings had changed. Again, I felt the controls were uncomfortable and the storyline wasn’t the most gripping but this time I persevered and began to appreciate more the art of stealth. This time I got behind the idea of sneaking through without going through all guns blazing. I also started to enjoy levelling up to unlock more abilities which helps you in your quests. To speed up this process, I did a number of the side quests including the convoys and courier missions. The story itself improves too and you become invested in the characters and the backstory with the campaign moving at a good pace. Some of the side stories too like the serial killer missions are also pretty fun. Just don’t expect to be picking up tonnes of achievements. This game makes you work for your meal. 


If you come into this game expecting it to be like GTA V, then you will be disappointed. The GTA series is special and it would take a hell of a lot to come close. The controls furthermore are not best laid while the story is somewhat of a slow burner which means you will have to invest some time in it to appreciate it while some of the side tasks can become a bit repetitive. That being said, the pay off with the story is worth it while the back stories behind the side missions also give you more depth into the story and could potentially influence your final choice. In summary, Watch Dogs is a good premise that doesn’t quite deliver, yet it is still an enjoyable experience. And if Ubisoft properly invest in ironing out the wrinkles of this game, it is quite possible that Watch Dogs 2 could deliver something special. As for Watch Dogs, if you have the time and the patience, why not give it a go? If you go in with zero expectations, you will probably come out the other end a lot more satisfied. 

Final Grade: B-