The male underwear conundrum

For most women I know, underwear is a sacred thing. Indeed, for most girls I know, they can never have too much. It can be silk or satin. Lacy or frilly. I probably don’t even know enough adjectives to describe the different types. For guys it’s different though. 

You see, men very rarely go underwear shopping. Sure, there might be an occasion where we see something funny and decide to buy it on a whim but we don’t go through aisles looking at pair after pair. In fact, a lot of us would be happy just buy a generic pack of three. Of course, in the metrosexual world that we live in, there are those that want the brand names. I mean, some guys really want to have Calvin Klein written a few inches from your genitalia and to those guys, fair does. But as long as they are comfortable and they are in reasonably good condition, then that’s usually fine. I certainly don’t buy underwear with the intention of feeling sexy. But then again, I don’t post pictures of myself in my underwear on Instagram like some guys do. 

It’s interesting in a way though why girls pay so much attention to something that no one else can see. I mean, I’m not complaining. Some of the stuff I’ve seen from La Senza in the past has made my eyes nearly popped out. Maybe it’s because women’s underwear is more substantial. As women wear more of it, it takes on a greater value. Obviously there is the element that if you look good, you feel good. And I guess that in itself is why men don’t get as excited by underwear. I mean, you either have acceptable underwear or budgie smugglers which are only acceptable if you are a 70s porn star with a Magnum PI moustache. I’ve definitely never been Ina situation where I’ve looked at myself in my boxers and thought I look sexy. But, maybe that’s a confidence thing?

What do you think? Why do guys care less about underwear? How often do you shop for it or shop for your partners? I’m interested to hear your thoughts. 


31 thoughts on “The male underwear conundrum

  1. This cracked me up! I’ve only ever heard my Pete use the phrase “bugle smugglers”, and No, he does not wear them πŸ˜‚
    I think you’re nearly right about men not caring. My husband couldn’t care less whether they’re boxers or briefs, Armani or Asda BUT, they do have to have the seams in the right place. If there’s a seam, however soft the packet tells you it is, then he won’t wear them. There can be NO SEAM down the middle at the back 😳
    I’m almost with Contessa as Pete and I have been together nearly 20 years, but I do like pretty undies – trouble is I tend to rather spill out of the ones I like these day, but I’m fighting the big-knicker-brigade all the way until I have no other option 😁

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    • I can understand that. No one likes a line sticking out near their backside. It’s a bit intrusive. Boys have to stick together.

      Glad to hear you haven’t given up on sexy underwear yet. I know it isn’t the only reason to wear it but I’m sure your husband is very grateful that you do! Even more so if you model it for him! Now that’s an awesome wife!


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