Smoking – urgh!

I don’t wish to offend. Really, I don’t. But there’s something about smokers and smoking that horrifies me to my very core. 

So my Dad and I went out to collect a pizza for my mum and brother. Every Saturday, they have a ritual of having a pizza but sadly the place we were going to were not delivering!

We went out and ordered. That in itself was an experience. I swear, everyone behind the counter looked about 16 years old to me and I immediately felt incredibly old watching these kids do their stuff while all covered in acne with an air of nativity that is beaten out of you through life. 

Then on our way back, we got stuck outside a local pub and my eyes were drawn to these beautiful girls standing outside, wearing next to no clothing bearing the English winter. I’m talking a semi revealing top, a small jacket and short skirts paired with tights / stockings. And they were all puffing away to cigarettes. 

This is not one of the pretty girls I was referring to but it does illustrate my point.

And I didn’t get it. All these beautiful girls were in their peak and there they were enhaling a hand held exhaust pipe that would undoubtedly be etching time off their very existence. And I couldn’t understand why. Why would they be doing it to themselves? Maybe I’m in a minority. I mean, I don’t think I am but it isn’t an attractive quality. Smoking is toxic, it smells really bad and it is probably the main reason behind the premature deaths of many of my loved ones. And it’s not like th facts behind smoking are hidden. On th cartons it says “smoking kills”. People have seen smokers lung! It’s not a pretty sight. And you can see the effect it has on your health early on. I remember this guy from school, Andrew, who was coughing and spluttering as he would do laps at school and he himself would admit it’s because he smoked.  So am I missing something? Why does this practice still go on? Can someone please enlighten me?


14 thoughts on “Smoking – urgh!

  1. You’re definitely not in the minority David. There’s nothing even remotely attractive about smoking and one day, hopefully, those girls will work that out. No, you’re definitely not alone in your thinking. Cheers.

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    • Oh God I know. I have an automatic choking reaction to cigarette smoke and people look at me like I’m mad but it just irritates my airways. I guess once you get started and get addicted then that’s one thing. But starting is like some sort of masochistic craze. It’s like “hey look, I’m Lillian myself. So cool!” Do you have all the smokers huddled outside bars and shops like we do here?

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