Why do people like posts they don’t even read?

Seriously, I am lost for words. I know they are being encouraging but if you don’t even bother to look inside, then it’s not really helping!

Just throwing it out there….


17 thoughts on “Why do people like posts they don’t even read?

  1. So true, I think some just get too bogged down but want to show they are still following, that is not a good reason. One should have the courtesy to read or not bother to go to the blog, it makes no sense.

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  2. If someone reads your blog post in the Reader and presses “like”, it doesn’t count as a view. It’s a flaw WordPress has. It only counts as a view if they click on your post and read it on your site.

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  3. I know what you mean…I often think it is far worse on facebook though where people feel like they have to show they are friends with you. I think that in an age when everyone says they have so little time that they either just click on like for the sake of it or because they like the picture attached to the post.

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  4. I think people who follow plenty of bloggers might struggle with reading everything but just wants to show support by liking it. I prefer reading though, there are so many interesting blogs and posts!

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