Thanks for the Orgy Shirt


 You know what Mums are like; they live th spoil their kids. And when they have a girl, Mum’s enjoy that special gift of being able to indulge in buying clothes.  This continues no matter how old their child is. 

One mum decided to buy a nice t-shirt for her 18-year-old daughter, Katie.

It was even a designer one  too – Vivienne Westwood in fact – I know right, so fancy but pretty trendy at the same time – with a lovely gold pattern (I am definitely heterosexual! Honest!) 
But what Mum hadn’t noticed was that the pattern was actually depicting a huge orgy. 

Yep, it’s A LOT of people bumping uglies in the name of fashion. 

As you can see from the tweet above, it actually caused a bit of a stir online being retweeted over 3000 times and liked nearly 6000 times. 

One thing that caught people’s attention (if you look carefully at the top picture) is that one of the depictions is in fact a dog. What a dog is doing there is anyone’s guess. But I think that Vivienne Westwood’s design here is rather questionable. 

Apparently her Mum has found it hilarious. 

For those interested in this bizarre shirt, apparently it is actually made for men and has a retail value of just less than £50. So, if you so desire, go buy yourself a kinky shirt. 

I don’t think my crush sees me that way

Hmm. Today was an interesting day. I have had a few good days with my crush but today she seems to have backed off a bit. I’m thinking she must have realised it was her I was speaking of and so she politely backed off. Frustrating!

I can’t say I’m too surprised but I’m still disappointed. Then again, she doesn’t even know what I look like so there is that I suppose. I hope we’ll be friends at least. I probably should be careful. 

Oh well. Other than that my day is as swell. Oh, and I tried to sign up a Twitter account today. Apparently Twitter are doing everything they can however to prevent me from having one. I can’t overstate how annoying this is. I had a big plan to announce my account on here tonight too. Talk about buzzkill.