Awkward. Most actors don’t have this short a sex scene. 

I had decided at the start that I was going to reduce the level of smut in my blog because I was a bit concerned with some of the attention I was getting. There are definitely times when I find rude stuff funny but I still don’t want to end up making friends with some insane nymphomaniac. No offense nymphos – I’m sure there are people out there that love you. 

That being said, today, I started watching The Night Manager which stars Hollywood and British heartthrob Tom Hiddleston and House himself Hugh Laurie. And I went into it with an open mind even though I didn’t really know what to expect besides hearing that “Hiddleston was so good that should be the next Bond”. But yeah, I know all the fan girls out there literally want him in anything so I didn’t take that much notice. 

Anyway, watching part of it, my thoughts are that the show started off slow but did pick up somewhat over time. However, what stood out for me the most was that Hiddleston had quite a few sex scenes – much more than I am used to seeing anyway. And I get why girls like him. He’s well groomed, tall, and has the type of accent that makes all the cats crave but that still doesn’t make seeing him in sex scenes seem normal. And while I should stress I haven’t seen it all yet, there was one seen that struck me as being the quite..short.  See below. 

In addition to making an ass of himself, I was surprised to see Hiddleston “finish up” in such a quick time. And sure, while many would argue that this gives a sense of realism, others might laugh at the time it took (less than a minute). Personally, I didn’t see the point of this scene and I don’t really see it as sexy or with point. I guess all it really did was get young women to tune in to see their favourite British eye candy’s butt. 

That’s all from me. 

Will I like Sex and the City?

I have always wondered about the phenomenon that was Sex and the City. After all, it seemed to be around in what seems like forever throughout my adolescence and early adulthood. I’m not going to pretend that my initial fascination was innocent. I was a teenager, The show had “sex” in the title and the opening video had Sarah Jessica Parker’s nipples protruding from her top. Yep, I was your average teenager. I probably also had at least one sexual fantasy at some point about Ms Parker and Kristin Davis (she was pretty hot too). I’m sorry about the other two, it’s nothing personal but Cynthia Nixon was just not my type and I’m pretty sure Kim Cattral would scare the crap out of me. She’s a little to domineering for my style – I’d probably be intimidated. Aside from that, I don’t really know too much about it aside from the scenes of a sexual nature and the fact that there was a character called “Mr Big”. To that I say, lucky for he who is called that. For everyone else, there’s always surgery ha ha. I kid. 

Anyway, I recently saw a deal that advertised the entire TV collection as being £35 on digital which is roughly $50. I’m assuming this doesn’t include the movies. That being said, I’ve already party of the movie and had the misfortune of seeing won swarthy Latin bloke fully nude. That really didn’t help my dinner go down that evening, I can tell you.

So as a guy, would I like it? Would it be an eye opening and worthwhile experience into the female psyche? Or is it just fantasy tosh for girls that involves plenty of talk about orgasms, shoes, bags and boy drama? I’m interested to know. 

Any feedback would be appreciated as I’m intrigued to find out just exactly what all the girls around that time were so into. 

Did Only Fools and Horses predict the future? (Americans must read this too!)

Is Donald Trump….Damien Derek Trotter?

I would never have put those two names together when this episode was original broadcast in 1996. But scarily, there seem to be similarities. 

Check out this video (well, the first 6 minutes). 

Is it me or is there a scary similarity? Both have their own Towers which is their HQ. Both will market anything for a quick buck (Trump steaks anyone?) and both have a deep love for China. 

I am scared. 

Gucci Guilty

Ah the forever strange and wonderful world of fragrance advertisements. 

This time, Jared Leto takes the plunge and it’s by a director who he calls a “maverick”. 

If anyone can help me understand this story, it would br great. To me, it looks like a guy who is having a love affair with two women.  This may explain what drew Leto to the project the sly dog. Also it may explain the sale’s line “Guilty Not Guilty”. 

What do you think about this ad? Is it a masterpiece in storytelling or just arty farty trash?

I am the Wolfman. Homo Wolfus. 

I am the universe! I am the brilliant dog!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then that’s okay. I am referring to Tim Hope’s “The Wolfman”. Some of you may remember this from the days of PlayStation 2. It is a very ingenious and completely random piece of art. 

I highly recommend you check out the full video here:

What do you think?

Jonah Hill mocked on French TV

Jonah Hill recently appeared on French television program Le Grand Journal with the intention of promoting his latest movie War Dogs but things didn’t go quite according to plan…

Hill was being interviewed by the show’s host, French beauty Ornella Fleury when things began to take a turn for the worse. Fleury joked “It’s when I saw you get sodomized by a three-meter-tall demon in This Is the End that I told myself, ‘Now that’s the man of my dreams!'” And Hill didn’t find it one bit funny. Indeed, amidst the laughter, you can hear Hill retort “”I hear you get sodomized pretty often!”

Things only got worse from there as Fleury, undeterred by Hill’s response, proceeded to share with the audience her sexual fantasy involving Hill. Awesome right? Not for Hill. Fleury elaborated “My sexual fantasy would be that we’d meet up in a hotel room at night. We would chat, you’d make me laugh. You would make me laugh a lot! And then all of a sudden, you’d bring your friends DiCaprio and Brad Pitt — And then you’d go away!” Jonah Hill, visibly annoyed at this stage simply responded  “I’m glad I came to this show to get ridiculed by a local weather girl. It’s nice”. 

It has since been reported that Jonah Hill consequently cancelled all further interviews scheduled to promote his movie. Yikes!

For the FULL video of the exchange, watch the video below…