Oh no. Oh no. Oh no!

Everybody has awkward moments. Sometimes they are with friends; other times with family. However, most are not as bad as THIS ARTICLE posted in the Daily Mirror today. 

So the story revolves around an unidentified young woman who seeked help from Reddit following a very unfortunate situation where her sister and two children payed her a surprise visit one Sunday afternoon. 

The woman, who lives alone, who is usually a very private person had handed out her house key to her close family members. So when her sister came to visit her, she let herself right into the house. And despite asking that her sister or any family member call in advance or let her know that she is coming, she turned up unannounced while she was right in the middle of a very loud orgasm. 

The woman explained “I had some quiet music on in my bedroom, but it was just loud enough to cover her opening the door and walking in.”

“Now, she didn’t come into my bedroom, but I was right in the middle of a rather loud orgasm as I realised something was off.”
She got dressed and rushed downstairs to speak to her sister but by the time she got there, her sister was already filling up the car and making her escape. 

Pretty mortifying right?

But, if that humiliation wasn’t enough, the girl’s sister later broached the subject and was ANGRY at her for pleasuring herself that morning. 

“she told me I should have known it was a possibility that they would visit on a Sunday afternoon”. 

Wow, so you turn up at your sister’s house unannounced on a weekend, you let yourself without as much as knocking or ringing a doorbell and yet you’re the angry one? Okay….

Personally I’d take my key back. Do you think the girl was in the wrong? What would you have done? Have you had any equally embarrassing stories from unannounced guests?

Take care my peeps!