Amazing “alien claw” found with mummified skull in mystery tunnels deep below the Peruvian desert

The Institute Inkari-Cusco, a group of “paranormal enthusiasts”, have claimed to have discovered an “alien claw” as well as a skull close to each other in underground Peru.


The claims have not yet to be verified, but the researchers said they found the bones while searching caves and tunnels across Cusco in January 2016.

French researcher and explorer, Thierry Jamin, released the findings on his Facebook page on November 27.

He said, researcher Dr Edson Salazar Vivanco used x-rays and concluded that the “mummified hand” was 33 cm long, has three fingers, metallic implants.

“According to some estimates of physicians, archaeologists and anthropologists, this hand belonged to an individual whose size was maybe between 2.7m to 3m tall,” Dr Vivanco said, according to a Peruvian blog. Dr Vivanco further claimed the “claw” and “skull” were genuine biological objects with real bone and skin tissues and further testing was underway.

The researchers will conduct further radiocarbon and DNA testing of the mysterious specimens in the US in early in 2017.

What do you think? Is the truth out there?

Source: Yahoo

Why are men attracted to a lady’s legs?

In Psychology Today, Dr Leon Seltzer hypothesises what it is about a woman’s legs that is so appealing to men. 

The article, published in May 2016, looks at various theories why a woman’s legs are so desirable.  It seems that there is no straightforward answer either. One man on a Quora question said that he associated the amount of leg on display as an indication of “sexual availability” while others associated their legs as a pivotal lead to other parts of a woman’s anatomy.  Either way, there are a number of theories surrounding this attraction and it is an interesting read. Check it out @ This Address

Sex leads to spirituality in men…

Yesterday, the Sunday Mirror in the United Kingdom shared a story of immense proportion.

The leading paper for hard fact journalism highlighted the work of researchers at Duke University in the United States which claims the release of oxytocin during sex (also know as the “cuddle chemical”) could potentially inspire the belief, or even strengthen the belief in God or a higher power.

Personally, if it’s that good, I’d suggest you put a ring on it.

But anyway, the article (Which is available HERE) goes on to state that “women produce more oxytocin then men, but Duke University hasn’t yet studied its affects on female godliness.” So who knows if sex may be almighty for all genders. It makes you wonder about the whole celibacy thing being a good idea too if it sex strengthens your faith.

As a side note: my favourite part of the article is the figure legends where it says “couple having sex”. I’m glad they cleared that up for us then…

Let me know your thoughts folks!