President Elect Donald J Trump didn’t realise WWE stunt was a work – oh dear…

Deadspin has published a new article reflecting on an interview with WWE Superstar and Executive Vice President of Talent Triple H on the“Opie and Anthony Show”. This interview was of particular note as Triple H discussed the infamous WWE angle which saw Vince McMahon’s limousine explode at the end of a Raw broadcast that took place back in 2007. 

The angle was meant to be the next big storyline in the WWE at the time with the company supposedly wanting it to culminate with an elaborate and dramatic “funeral” for Mr. McMahon on Raw. The storyline was then scrapped because of the real and tragic Chris Benoit double murder suicide.

So what is the merit of the story for none wrestling fans and what does it have to do with The President Elect Donald Trump?

Well, it gets interesting when Triple H discussed how many people bought into the limousine angle. He said that a number of people believed it to be legitimate (despite it being broadcast on a storyline driven television show). He also said this of President elect Donald Trump:

“What kills me is so many people [believed it]. I’m not kidding you, Trump called and was like, ‘Did something happen to Vince?’”

That’s right! Your future President was unsure whether a WWE storyline was in fact fake or real. But that’s not scary right? Because I’m sure there were other intelligent people out there that might have been concerned that the owner of a multinational multi million dollar corporation was blown up live to audiences worldwide at the very end of the show. For those that are intrigued to see the confusing piece of footage, the video is posted below. 

As you can see, Mr McMahon is filmed walking  backstage past multiple WWE superstars before being directed by an employee that his limo was in fact the other way. Later, after the limo explodes, the camera lingers on the burning wreck rather than, you know, cutting away from the “tragedy”. It’s completely believable – said no one ever. 

Let’s just hope that before a military briefing, no one lets the future President watch any James Bond movies or Red Dawn for the sake of peace. Lord knows what would happen if he saw Starship Troopers. He might think it was a documentary?



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Is Donald Trump….Damien Derek Trotter?

I would never have put those two names together when this episode was original broadcast in 1996. But scarily, there seem to be similarities. 

Check out this video (well, the first 6 minutes). 

Is it me or is there a scary similarity? Both have their own Towers which is their HQ. Both will market anything for a quick buck (Trump steaks anyone?) and both have a deep love for China. 

I am scared.