Meghan Trainor is Wow!

Is it me or is Meghan Trainor so incredibly hot these days?

Now ladies, this isn’t exactly what you think. When I say she is hot, I’m not just referring to her in the looks sense. Don’t believe me? Well, yes, she is very attractive and she has an amazing set of legs. She’s also got an incredibly pretty smile and beautiful eyes. But that’s not all! There is something so endearing about her that just makes her a multitude more times attractive. 

I do laugh at some of the labels she gets though. Rolling Stone magazine labelled her in 2014 as the world’s most unlikely pop star while various periodicals have praised her as the poster girl for plus size women. I mean, seriously, when are we going to do away with these ridiculous labels. That being said, if she has inspired women to embrace their curves, then that’s all the better. I wish there were similar role models out there for men. Fat men are usually portrayed as lazy, stupid and pretty much awful human beings after all. 

One thing that makes Meghan so attractive is her retro style that she embraces. It’s pretty fun and I think it adds a nice twist to things. I mean, these days, the styles that go around are quite “interesting”.  It does help that she a talented singer songwriter too as talent is always attractive. I find that I am always drawn to people who are passionate. And of course, she also has a great voice too. 

I’m really hoping to see a lot more of her in 2017 and I’m hoping she doesn’t eventually conform to the standards that the media sets these days. I found it interesting that on her last album, the cover work or something had to be withdrawn because her picture had been doctored without her approval but she got that changed.  Hopefully they don’t eventually get to her…