Naked Czech Man High on LSD channels his inner tiger

Forget the hidden camera shows, what went on in the Czech Republic recently was rather beyond that. As Tony the Tiger would say “It’s GRRREAAATT!”

A hidden camera left in a forest to snap pictures of animals in the wild ended up capturing pictures of a naked man who thought he was a tiger after taking LSD.

The man, identified only as Marek H from the Czech Republic, allegedly took the drug to try and treat his depression. Poor guy!

After taking the hallucinogenic drug, the man reportedly ran off into a forest, stripped naked and starting acting like a tiger….And if that wasn’t bad enough, the footage was found when foresters looked back at footage and from there they contacted the police. 

According to local reports, the 21-year-old man admitted to police that he had taken the hallucinatory drug LSD and that it made it feel like he had become a Siberian tiger. Indeed he allegedly told the police that with the drug his “true personality woke up” and that he realised he had always been connected to them. Apparently he stripped naked and wandered the forest because he had picked up a scent. Of what, we can only speculate. Perhaps it was cheeseburgers. 

In eight hours he is believed to have travelled 15 and a half miles along the Czech-Polish border, in a forested area. The man was fined by police since he was not caught in possession. Furthermore, he has been banned from watching Life of Pi