Chinese man claims to tell women’s fortune by cupping their breasts. 

I kid you not. This story is true. What is more surprising is that one woman actually let this guy do it. 

The video was recorded by passers by who couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 

The short clip was posted to video-sharing site Miaopai and shows the man, holding a pair of crutches in his other hand, sitting impassively as he puts his hand inside the woman’s top.

He appears emotionless about the woman’s future, as she rests her chin on her hand. I wonder what her future held? 

The video is available here 

Batman is in Cumbria and he is taking on Killer Clowns. 

The killer clown craze that originally hit the United States has now reared its ugly head in the United Kingdom. If you haven’t heard about this craze, where have you been? Because a few nutjobs around the globe have decided to dress up as scary clowns and terrify both adults and children alike. There have even been stories of psycho clowns even breaking into schools just to frighten the little ones (see the full crazy story HERE).

While it may seem a harmless or even amusing event, it is a serious concern for the Police. Sightings have varied from ‘clowns’ frightening people in passing cars to more sinister incidents where the fancy dress figures have aggressively approached schoolchildren. If , as an adult, creepy clowns make you feel uneasy, imagine the sheer terror children must feel about these incidents.

But out of the strangest times come the unlikeliest of heroes and this one has come all the way from Gotham City. Gary Bedford, a construction worker by day, Batman by night has taken to the streets of Cumbria. And as long as it takes, he’s going to show the people of Cumbria that their county does not belong to the criminals and the corrupt (Batman Begins reference 😜). 

The 47 year-old father from Cumbria is taking on the killer clowns for the sake of the kids.

“To conquer fear you must become fear, you must bask in the fear of other men.” – Bruce Wayne. 

Although there’s no Alfred helping Master Bedford; nor does he have a fancy Batmobile or Batcave available to him to take on the underworld of Cumbria, Garry’s work is nonetheless important – and effective.
Indeed, Garry takes on the bad guys by pretending to be Batman on the phone, reassuring worried children in the area that they’re safe from the epidemic.
Indeed, Garry tells the kids on the phone that they have nothing to fear because the ringleader the Joker is already behind bars and that he has this craze in hand. And it is really reassuring the kids. 

Garry said, “They’re always quite a similar pattern. “The kids are apprehensive and scared at first but at the end they are very thankful.

He’s even been able to add to his team of super-heroes, and now has 12 volunteers who all work on the phones calming children – although Garry did splash out out £1,000 on the Batman costume (who wouldn’t?). 

One such example of the success that Garry has had was with a young autistic girl who couldn’t sleep without the light on after spotting a clown in her garden one night. Master Bedford called the young girl up and reassured her so much that she immediately ate her dinner and was able to sleep with the light off feeling safe. Now that is just awesome! 

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. At least now with Batman at the ready, we can be sure that the children of Cumbria can sleep soundly in their beds. 

For an interview with Batman, check out the clip below. (I do love Holly Willoughby by the way!) 

Story originally reported in the Mirror.

Want to lick your cat? No, neither do I BUT…

In a world where random is never impossible or even improbable, we bring to you the latest mad cap invention: the Licki Brush. 

I mean, have you ever looked at your cat cleaning itself and thought, “hmm, you missed a bit buddy”?  Or maybe you feel that your cat only associates you with food and you want to create a “closer” bond? Or maybe you just really want to be a cat. Either way, this device is the perfect thing for you. 

Owing to their rough tongues and dexterity, cats have been doing a passable job of cleaning themselves since the dawn of time.  The Licki brush takes that concept and runs with it. It is essentially a tongue-shaped silicone pacifier, the owner / groomer simple bites onto the mouthpiece and pulls the “tongue” piece over the cat’s fur wherever required. The designers believe that it is “the natural thing a cat would want”. They like being licked and they like being pet after all?? Err, okay. 

The webpage has also encouraged owners to also invite friends over and have Licki parties. I presume they mean with the cats and not having some weird underground Max Moseley type thing but either way, I’m sure it’s not for me. 

What do you think? (And by the way, how weird is it you have a headline like that and above that, an advert for free Hannah Montana stickers???”