History predicting the future: Trump and Brexit lead where?

I have just read this very interesting article in the Huffington Post on big historical patterns and how throughout history, mankind seems set on self destruct. Yep. Sure, there are times where we are the victims of circumstance like with the bubonic plague / Black Death but we are also very capable of doing great damage to ourselves. Rememberance / Veterans Day are just some examples of what men have given their lives for. 

These eras of self destruct all seem to follow a similar pattern though. Academic and writer Tobias Stone shares the facts HERE


Making a Real Change

We are two days removed from the US Presidential elections and I can’t help but feel cold from the result. I’m not an American. I’m English but the feeling I get is one strangely reminiscent of the feeling I had the day after the EU Referendum we had in the United Kingdom back in June. 
Both instances share a lot in common. At the heart of both were people. People who wanted change. People who were tired of the way things were and they wanted change. These people also wanted someone to blame. In the UK’s case, many people wanted to blame immigrants. And in the US, too, that did play on the minds of some. Both sets of people also felt disenfranchised from their own government. They felt that the current powers that be, whether they are the democratic government or the European Union did not hear them or did not represent them and this was their chance to make a stand. In America’s case, they wanted to make America great again. While the British wanted to take back control. In both cases, I very much doubt that the outcomes of these votes will benefit the populace and only time will tell if I’m right. I do hope I’m wrong though. 

For the sake of those reading, I will stop with the comparisons of both countries and now focus on one, the United States. This isn’t because I don’t care about my own country but because it is easier to use one example. 


So, America wanted change. I can understand that. While the global recession is over, times are tough. Immigration is something that affects us all. Wars throughout the world and economic instability in other countries leaves a lot of displaced or unhappy people who are looking for greener pastures. And those pastures are the western world. You can’t blame them. If your country is going through civil war or you are reduced to eating scraps to live, you want a better life. This means moving and sometimes it’s not by legal means. But I defy anyone to say that they wouldn’t do the same in their position. There is also civic unrest. In many parts of the country, the people do not trust the government or the government services. When police are seen to be unfairly singling out people of creed or colour, you get mad. And the people that you are meant to see as your protectors all of a sudden become just another threat. Many people also live in substandard environments. They can’t afford decent healthcare or do not have acceptable levels of educational services available to them to develop. And then there is unemployment. With developing countries offering cheap labor and manufacturing costs, big business often chooses to outsource to save money costing jobs. This happens in all kinds of job from car manufacturing and engineering to the pharmaceutical industry. Companies will choose to trade with countries like China. Loss of jobs is doubly bad too for people in the US as with jobs comes company suplied health insurance. No jobs or zero hour contracted jobs means limited healthcare. People struggle to make ends meet. Unemployement can also lead to increased crime; people are desperate and desperation makes people do, well desperate things. 

The interesting thing is that a lot of people see what the Obama regime offered and they want change. They want prosperity and Hilary Clinton, to them, offered more of the same. After all, she was a Democrat supported by other Democrats including the current President and they didn’t want that. Trump on the other hand was promising greatness. He said he’d make America great again and that he would look out for the forgotten people. He also was a successful business man who did not represent the normal politician. It also didn’t help that, despite Hillary’s promises, that people didn’t trust her. Whether that was fair or not is up for debate. But if you distrust someone, then it is hard to support them. 

The problem is this. Despite whatever promises Donald Trump has made, you should not forget that he is a Republican. And the thing about politics is, regardless of the candidate, the core beliefs behind the main parties very rarely changes. What I mean is while party leaders are the faces of the groups, no matter how enticing they look, what they offer rarely changes greatly. People chose Trump because they think he is different and he is in some ways. He’s not experienced in government policy. He’s not a career politician. He’s a show man. But he’s still a Republican. And as a Republican, he still stands for things such as small government, low corporate taxes, less workers rights,  less public services such as healthcare and public schools in favour of the private sector and less government spending. 

You’ll say things like: “well he’s going to be tougher on immigration” and “he’s going to put taxes on imports and protect local businesses”. The truth is is that big business wants to produce their goods at the cheapest possible costs. And for industries like the motor industries or the technological industries, trying to get them to build in the US over places like India or China is going to mean that prices for goods are going to go up or that employees are going to have to get reduced worker rights and reduced pay. Trump is a business man and he will do what is best for business. Supporting businesses and maintaining health profit margins usually comes at the expense of the employees or the consumers. So, what I’m saying is that, if you want your shiny new Apple IPad to be made in the US rather than China or your fancy new card to be made in the US rather than Mexico, jobs may be available but expect low salaries with low benefits or expect the items to rocket in price. As for those items that are still imported, expect import taxes to go up. And by the way, Mr Consumer, you’ll be the one paying for that. Not the government. 

Blaming immigrants is also an easy cop out. We did it in the UK. But you know, immigrants are often what makes our countries great. It provides diversity. And I’m not saying that we should all adopt Sharia law or anything like that. We should never lose sight of who we are but hell, the US, as were many other countries, was founded on immigrants, immigrants who often work tirelessly for little pay or who add bodies in healthcare. They add to our society. Obviously you don’t want criminals coming into your country and that is why diplomacy is needed. Countries need to work together to identify problem people and prevent them from causing trouble. Cooperation is needed. Not just building a wall or deporting everyone. 

But you know, I don’t think you are going to see the radical changes you are expecting. Despite his promises, and in most cases, promises that just don’t make sense, you aren’t going to get the changes you think. At best, you are going to get an angry man who is trying to implement outrageous things and who faces strong resistance at every turn. What you are going to get is everything a Republican stands for for four years. If it’s a Republican government that you want, a government that is less tolerant and more corporate protective, then that’s what you will get. But like it or not, the Democrats do try to do more for the people. I’m not saying they always get it right but at least they try. It’s for that reason that I think Hillary would have made a better President. 

But look, if you want change, then you need to make change beyond the heads of state. The Republicans haven’t changed. The Democrats haven’t changed. And you will continue to get the same from them again and again. If you want change, you need someone who has complete support from his party. If you want change, you need someone who truly is offering something different and who is not going to be influenced by the old ways. You need something truly different. Perhaps true change means moving beyond the two party system. It happened in the U.K.  Who is to say it can’t happen in the US. You also need someone who has an actual plan and not one of just open promises and a team who vehemently supports that plan. You also need a politician who goes beyond name calling and posturing like a proud peacock. And while I don’t proclaim to have the answers for everything, I do think that a fresh pair of eyes are required and someone who potentially is going to build up a party based on a set of firm ideals and not just some minor tweaking ala the Republicans or Democrats if change is what you really want. But something has to change. Because basically this last election, just like the referendum in the U.K., just highlighted everything that is wrong with the political systems. 

Finally, America, never forget this. Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again. But America is a fantastic place. Sure you have your issues and quirks. Hell, I still don’t understand the need for the second amendment or the reluctance for better gun control. You are a shining beacon. A country built on ideals and one that took together people from all over and globe and United them under one flag. You’re a country that is diverse. Don’t forget that. Don’t succumb to the hate or the fear mongering. You are above that. Sure, some tweaks are needed. Racial and gender equality needs to be addressed. We are all people and we need to stop being segregationist. But it is a mighty fine place to start. More importantly, Trump’s solution sounds like going backwards. But we should never move backwards. We should honour the past and learn from our mistakes but we should always be moving forward. We as a human race can do better. Believe that positive change can happen and that people can empathise with other people. End the hate. And let’s be prosperous. 

Thank you!

Megyn Kelly – my new crush

Have you heard of Megyn Kelly? If you are British, you probably haven’t. Until recently, I hadn’t heard about her either. 

But her recent exploits in the American media (namely Fox News) have caught my eye and I’m fascinated by her. 

There is no question that Kelly is a beautiful. Her sea green eyes and amazing smile are hard to ignore but make no mistake, she is far more than window dressing in the media. Kelly is a former corporate defence attorney so make no mistake about it – this lady knows how to handle herself.  

But what really caught my eye about Kelly is how she handles herself in a male dominated world. Fox, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, has never shied away from window dressing. This is evident on a lot of Murdoch’s broadcasting, even in the U.K. where he has attractive young females anchor news and sports news to help bring in the audience. And half the time, these ladies have spurious links to sport at best. Kelly doesn’t just look the part in this regard but acts it in equal measure with hardlined questioning and a tenacity to press her guests to the very best of her abilities. This has been seen on numerous occasions throughout the Trump/Clinton presidency campaign with guests such as Newt Gingrich. Gingrich was perplexed when Kelly questioned him about Trump’s alleged inappropriate behaviour towards women and attempted to shout her down in a tense conversation where he even accused her of being “obsessed with sex”. 

By the way, Newt Gingrich is a three time cheat and well known philanderer who at one point said that he behaved poorly (in reference to his adultery) because of “how passionately” he felt about his country. (America). I kid you not. 

It’s true that Megyn Kelly has had her fair shares of metaphorical scuffles with guests on her television show and I am reasonably sure that this is, at least in part,  down to her gender. You see, many of male guests often seem baffled by her resilience and her determination to aggressively question them. Like Gingrich, many even get quite angry and expect her to defer to them like some good subservient woman. Maybe in their minds, she is there to just look good. Gingrich was annoyed. Donald Trump too has had his issues with her too. Indeed, during the Presidential Primaries, Kelly called Trump out on how he respects women, which completely blindsided him. After the debate, Trump told Morning Joe that he believed she should apologize. “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” he told CNN days later.

Kelly also is a woman of integrity and who has no qualms with arguing her corner on things she disagrees with, which is no less than you’d expect from an attorney. In a 2013 interview, she took on conservative pundits Erik Erickson and Lou Dobbs, both of whom were arguing that feminism was turning women into a race of dominant man-eaters. Kelly was infuriated by her guests’ insistence that working mothers were at the root of society’s downfall and that women who work out of the home were responsible for divorce and consequently social chaos. Dobbs was so annoyed at her willingness to debate this issue that he at one point admonished her referring to her as “oh dominant one” for refusing to cave in to their philosophy. 

This is certainly a major reason behind both my attraction and fascination of Megyn Kelly. She’s unpredictable, intelligent and doesn’t surrender. Plus, despite appearing on Fox’s predominantly biased broadcasting network (Fox doesn’t hide the fact that it is Pro-Republican), seems to be partisan and consequently of interest to viewers across the political spectrum (excluding those who don’t like strong intelligent women). For those people, Megyn Kelly is somewhat of an enigma. She doesn’t conform to their definition of what a woman should be and despite their best efforts, she also doesn’t waver to aggression or attempts to shut her down. And I doubt that those men will ever understand why she will never cater to their whims because those men just want their women to look good and nothing more. 

Who Am I? (Poem)

You’re voluptuous curves, they drive me wild,
A sexy mannequin you are;
And though my tan is far from mild
My tictacs they are never far;

You say it’s groping – but i’m just sharing
my tiny hands on your behind;
I just like those clothes you’re wearing
The type of woman hard to find

I can do what I want; i’m rich,
My kisses you must take
And that Rosie O’Donnell. what a bitch!
So ugly! Give ME a break.

And don’t for get about the Mexicans
Bad hombres bringing drugs
It’s a good thing that i’m better than them;
My wall will keep out them thugs.

Monica Lewinsky

In no instance is it acceptable to have an extramarital affair. By posting this, I am in no way condoning what Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky got up to.  I am also in no way using this post as a way to show my support for either of the presidential candidates in the forthcoming elections.  That being said….

I don’t know if it is the fact that I’m getting older but I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that I find Monica Lewinsky incredibly attractive. That’s even considering that she kept a semen covered dress that she wore when her and President B Clinton were doing their thing. 

I can’t quite explain it. I think part of the reason behind it is that I think she’s smart and big brains are attractive. I also admire the fact that after her undoubtedly humiliating ordeal in the nineties, she has managed to come out of that at the other end and actually do some good. Indeed, she is now campaigning readily against cyber bullying, something that is equally ever present and disturbing in this day and age.

While I get that many people will dislike her for her affair, and while I agree that what she did was wrong, I do also think that it must be quite hard to turn down the President of the United States. Obviously that’s not right and it does take two to tango but I can imagine that you’d find it hard to say no when you consider the potential ramifications. 

For a person in power, it must be very easy to abuse that power. You have a level of responsibility far more than many others and in that situation, it is easy to manipulate people. Let’s be fair though, I’m sure Bill Clinton wasn’t the first president to cheat on his wife and when you consider the attitude of DT, King of the Tictacs, lord knows what he’d be like.

But good luck Miss Lewinsky. I hope you threw out that dress.