Why oh why did “pussy” become a bad word?

Serious question here. Whatever happened to using words in a nice way? And no I’m not saying that THAT isn’t a nice thing but why do we have to use words that mean other things to describe it. 

When I was just a little kid, if someone said “pussy” to me, it would be said as a referral to pussycat. You know, I was that little boy walking down my street calling for my cats saying “HERE kitty kitty! Here puss puss!”

It’s weird don’t you think? And you know, with me now being older, it’s sad that the innocence is gone. And it’s not that I mind being more aware of sex and sexuality, it’s just that it was nicer when the word pussy just simply meant cat. Because now, whenever I hear someone say “aww look at that pussy”, it becomes all weird and I feel like I should say something because it’s not appropriate. But it’s only inappropriate because we made it inappropriate!!! Well damn it! I’m taking it back! And if I want my pussy, I’m not going to be embarrassed about saying it!

Oh and if you are interested, people on the continent have some other interesting turns of phrase for female genitalia. The Portuguese one sounds particularly fetching (either Portuguese men are pigs or Portuguese women have low self esteem). 

Words referring to cats are used as vulgar slang for female genitals in some other European languages as well. Examples include German Muschi (literally “house cat”), French chatte (“female cat”, also used to refer to sexual intercourse), and Dutch poes (“puss”). The Portuguese term rata (literally “female rat”)and Norwegian mus (“mouse”) are also animal terms used as vulgar slang for women’s genitals.

Want to lick your cat? No, neither do I BUT…

In a world where random is never impossible or even improbable, we bring to you the latest mad cap invention: the Licki Brush. 

I mean, have you ever looked at your cat cleaning itself and thought, “hmm, you missed a bit buddy”?  Or maybe you feel that your cat only associates you with food and you want to create a “closer” bond? Or maybe you just really want to be a cat. Either way, this device is the perfect thing for you. 

Owing to their rough tongues and dexterity, cats have been doing a passable job of cleaning themselves since the dawn of time.  The Licki brush takes that concept and runs with it. It is essentially a tongue-shaped silicone pacifier, the owner / groomer simple bites onto the mouthpiece and pulls the “tongue” piece over the cat’s fur wherever required. The designers believe that it is “the natural thing a cat would want”. They like being licked and they like being pet after all?? Err, okay. 

The webpage has also encouraged owners to also invite friends over and have Licki parties. I presume they mean with the cats and not having some weird underground Max Moseley type thing but either way, I’m sure it’s not for me. 

What do you think? (And by the way, how weird is it you have a headline like that and above that, an advert for free Hannah Montana stickers???”