Amazing “alien claw” found with mummified skull in mystery tunnels deep below the Peruvian desert

The Institute Inkari-Cusco, a group of “paranormal enthusiasts”, have claimed to have discovered an “alien claw” as well as a skull close to each other in underground Peru.


The claims have not yet to be verified, but the researchers said they found the bones while searching caves and tunnels across Cusco in January 2016.

French researcher and explorer, Thierry Jamin, released the findings on his Facebook page on November 27.

He said, researcher Dr Edson Salazar Vivanco used x-rays and concluded that the “mummified hand” was 33 cm long, has three fingers, metallic implants.

“According to some estimates of physicians, archaeologists and anthropologists, this hand belonged to an individual whose size was maybe between 2.7m to 3m tall,” Dr Vivanco said, according to a Peruvian blog. Dr Vivanco further claimed the “claw” and “skull” were genuine biological objects with real bone and skin tissues and further testing was underway.

The researchers will conduct further radiocarbon and DNA testing of the mysterious specimens in the US in early in 2017.

What do you think? Is the truth out there?

Source: Yahoo

Sex Robots. Wait what? Since when did I enter Westworld?

One of the latest stories of the day is that of Sex robot ‘clones’, made to order, that are identical to your favourite celebrity crush and which will even have their own PULSE. I know…I’m creeped out too. 

Love and Sex with Robots author David Levy has claimed the sex robots “are coming” to a store near you, he tells the Daily Star, which granted is the bastion of knowledge here in the UK. 

They would used photographs to build the human replicas and maybe even have them sound like the person.

Mr Levy is quoted as saying “Once the technology and the whole system of ordering and manufacturing these products becomes sophisticated, you won’t be able to stop your ex-boyfriend if he wants to order a robot that looks like you, same size as you, with the same voice as you”. 

He also BELIEVES that the range could also extend to a celebrity line, with A-listers licensing their images. Sure, I can see that level of depravity happening – well, maybe with Charlie Sheen or Pamela Anderson. 

The reality of this story is somewhat mixed. Writer and Sex Councillor Ian Kerner recently told the Daily Mirror that these robots would enable couples to have fantasy threesomes and also for sex-hungry partners to be able to “act out fantasies” without the cause for concern or jealousy. PERSONALLY, I think I would have a bit of an issue if my girlfriend was going steady with someone else, whether it be another man, woman or advanced vacuum cleaner but that’s just me. Regardless, it is heavily debated how soon these robots will reach the market. While some people have estimated them to be here “soon”, others believe that they are still far away. Nevertheless, one thing for certain is that the sex technology industry is an ever growing and fast moving industry and some have predicted that these machines could be around realistically as near as 2030. 

Personally, it seems all a bit too cringeworthy for me. 

The dark side of the internet: the rise of sextortion

I don’t know how many of you follow the news but over here in the United Kingdom, we have been witnessing a rise in an online sex blackmailing scam known by the police and media as sextortion
Victims are being lured into exposing themselves or committing sex acts online by pretty young women after accepting their friendship requests on social networking sites.

They then face payment demands of hundreds of pounds – or threats that recordings of their behaviour will be sent to work colleagues, family and friends whose contact details they have unwittingly given access to. The scams, which have been on the rise for the past 18 months, has led to tragedy with as many as four men having recently committed suicide because of the threats. At least two of the suicides were kids of no more than 17 years old. 

Martin Hewitt, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said: “We started to see it emerging about 18 months ago.

“Last year we had about 300 offences recorded in the UK and we’re now this year over 900, and I suspect there’s a significant number that don’t get reported because the crime is preying on people’s embarrassment and their humiliation of being caught out doing something like this.”
Schoolboy Ronan Hughes, 17, was tricked into sending intimate photographs of himself, then faced a demand for £3,000 to avoid exposure.

He killed himself even though he had revealed the threat to his parents and police in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Daniel Perry, from Dunfermline, also 17, took his own life after threats to reveal his compromising online conversations.

Organised crime groups in the Philippines, Morocco and Ivory Coast were discovered running many of the sextortion scams, some using British girls.

Most of the UK victims are men aged 18-24, the eldest was 82 and the youngest 14. Some women have also been targeted.
Police have issued advice to victims, urging them not to pay or panic, but to shut down their social media accounts and report what has happened. Senior officers insisted they will investigate and will not judge victims’ behaviour. The fear at the moment is that people are not reporting these crimes because of the fear of embarrassment but it is important you act. The internet is what it is. It can be a great place to network with other people from all around the world. It is a great place to share experiences and be all the best things humans can be. But there are also some very devious people out there. So make sure you act safe and think about what you share. Maybe I’m old fashioned but perhaps it would be better to save the nakedness for people you know and meet in person. 

Epic marriage proposal

I’ve seen some epic marriage proposals in my time. Okay, let me rephrase that. I have “seen” some epic marriage proposals in my time on television. BUT, I’ve never seen anything like this. 

The proposal happened while the couple were playing a game of Speak Out, which requires one player to wear the plastic mouthpiece and say tricky phrases for the other contestants to try and decipher.

With the mouthpiece distorting all of his words, “Will you honour me by becoming my wife?” is heard as “the yarn is tangled in the lights” and “the corn is on the ice”.

It takes multiple spluttered attempts for the man to get his message across, as the couple’s children watch on laughing. It’s really quite an innovative and crazy way to propose. 

And after more than three minutes of confusion, the bride-to-be twigs what her boyfriend is asking – and still can’t believe her ears.

“Are you kidding? You’re not kidding? Are you sure? Are you positive?” she asks as he eventually gets down on one knee producing the ring from his pocket. 
It’s a really lovely story and one that I’ll admit made me smile from ear to ear. Romance is a wonderful thing!

This meal just made me cross my legs

You’ve heard food horror stories before. You know what I mean. I remember one from a time when I was no more than ten and my friend’s mum took me and her son for some Kentucky Fried Chicken after we spent the day bowling. Just as I was about to chow down on my chicken and beans, she asks “David, have you ever heard the KFC mouse story?” “No?” I reply and all of a sudden, I’m filled with dread. She then tells us a story about a KFC store in Kettering where a customer bought a bucket of chicken to find that one of her drumsticks is actually a mouse covered in breadcrumbs. That’s right. A MOUSE. I for the life of me had no idea why she felt the need to share that story, especially while we were eating there. Even more so considering she wasn’t the wealthiest of parents and that she had just paid for the meal. I don’t know, maybe she was some sort of masochist but I never looked at KFC the same way again. It certainly was NOT finger licking good. 

But today, a new story has emerged and while it was not anything to do with KFC, it did bring back memories of deep frying but I suppose in a exponentially more horrific sense. 

I give to you…the penis…in the pork?*

*Okay, now I’m not actually sure that is a real penis but the similarity is disturbing. I can only imagine how the diner, who is only known as Akousa, must have felt when she picked this up. 

The lady of the story had purchased a tub of Tuo Zaafi, an ethnic dish, which she purchased  from a chop house in the suburb of Pokuase in Accra, Ghana. And she explained how she had eaten the rest of her soup when she came to her last piece, only to have a very nasty surprise. 

She told her family about the mystery sausage who advised her that it would be best for her to feed it to the dogs. Jokingly I presume! Anyway, after some deliberation, her brother advised her to send the item either to the police or to a laboratory to test it. 

Her sister took the item to her friend, a lab technician who explained that unfortunately, because the item had been cooked, it would be impossible for them to see whether it was human or animal meat through a simple laboratory test. And while he further explained that a forensic test could be done to better investigate it, the family did not want to go through the beaurocratic procedures and did the next best thing – took it home and put it in the freezer!!!! The publisher of this story was also unfortunately to clarify whether Akousa was blessed with big hands or whether this item is just small. It’s probably for the best that size doesn’t matter!

Source: The Daily Mirror

Snake on a plane? Seriously?

THAT’S IT! I’ve had it with these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane. Oh Samuel L Jackson I love you. But anyway…

I just heard the craziest story. 

A large snake was found slithering inside the passenger cabin of an Aeromexico flight en route to Mexico City recently and the plane was given priority to land there.  

In a video posted online, the green snake can be seen inching along near an overhead luggage compartment before slipping and dangling from its tail, scaring passengers.

Aeromexico is apparently investigating how the snake got onboard the plane though they felt that the incident was not an emergency. It’s obvious though isn’t it? Haven’t they seen the famous movie? It was all part of some sinister ploy. Personally if I had seen a snake onboard, I’d have requested to move seats or better yet, locate the chutes! Just kidding! Here is the video from the passenger. 

I saw this stupid Tattoo so I found some more. 

Tattoos are a divisive thing. I find that most people either love them or hate them. I have none and personally I don’t think I ever could. I know that might make me boring but there just isn’t anything I can think of that I would feel comfortable marking on me. 

That being said, I concede that some tattoos can look decent, even good on the right person. I’m not saying I would necessarily jump for joy if I saw someone with a full sleeve but I also respect that there are different strokes for different folks and the odd one can actually look kinda cute. 

That being said, this one doesn’t. 

That’s right, some genius BRITISH man decided it would be cool to tattoo Donald Trump on his leg because “great art is controversial”.  Dave Singleton, the 38 year old roofer confessed that while it was controversial, it wasn’t as bad as having Hitler tattooed on you and that he’s “not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton” and that “she’s been part of the establishment for too long. Trump coming from the outside might make a difference.” Obviously putting in the ground work is still appreciated. 

In light of this “masterpiece”, I share with you some equally awe inspiring pieces of “art” in the form of tattoos. 

1. The Girl you bring home to meet your parents. 

2. Mr Anti-Establishment

3. The Man Who Loves PAC Man too much. 

4. Love for Africa 

5. Bon Jovi’s biggest fan. 

If I get married (and I hope I do), this will NOT happen 

Okay. I have seen some pretty odd weddings through my life. Most of them involved an Elvis in some way or were so extravagant that they could only be made for TV. 

HOWEVER, a newly married couple in China now win the award for the oddest wedding that I have ever seen. Why?

Well, this wedding, an event that was meant to be one of the best days of their lives, actually proved to be probably on of their most embarrassing. Apparently, this married couple were ordered to HAVE SEX by their guests as they watched under a lucky red duvet. 

The couple, while naked lying next to one another under this duvet, where asked a number of questions by their guests including “Are you two attached to one another”. Obviously, not being able to speak Chinese, I cannot confirm this but I am reliably informed this by The Metro

You can see a video of this unfortunate couple below. And for all of peeps out there who are hoping to see something graphic, please note that the video is not explicit (I wouldn’t have posted it if it was) and any nudity is blurred out. 

By the way, what cruel guest would film this and then post it online? 

Sidenote of Seriousness – Disturbed by the latest PETA revelation. 

You may think of me as a hypocrite for saying this and maybe I am. I’m not a vegetarian. Honestly, I wish I was but my dietary restrictions are such these days that food shopping is hard at the best of times and I do feel at times that I don’t have the luxury of going over to things like Quorn when a lot of these products contain gluten. That being said, I am conscientious about where my food comes from and I try to eat food from the most humane places possible. 

PETA is obviously an organisation that is pro animal life and pro vegan and I respect their opinions for the most part, even though there are certain policies of theirs to that I do fundamentally disagree with too.  Their recent exposé however shocked me. I won’t post the video of it but if you really want to see it, you can here directly from the Daily Mirror’s website. 

But anyway, the exposé was on the truly barbaric practice of live animal eating. If you have a weak constitution, I would strongly recommend not watching the video. It actually upset me quite a bit. 

Sparing the details of the video, the practice is something of a growing trend, particularly in Japanese and Korean cuisine. And it involves practices from live seafood hotspots and dreaming of live seafood before the eyes of patrons to the dismembering of live seafood, including shrimp, lobsters and octopi while it is alive. In some cases, they even serve the parts of the animal next to the alive remains which are experiencing excruciating pain. The unflinching footage mentioned singles out Korean sushi restaurant T Equals Fish, where customers order sannakji – literally “wriggling octopus” – and lobster tails served on the same plate as the living animal.

Honestly, this practice is truly barbaric. For one, I have never eaten lobster or crabs for these very reasons but this latest shock is unbelievable. Is there no level to the cruelty that some people do? I am sure, part of it, is the fact that the animals in question are sea food and for that reason, people assume that they are unintelligible creatures with no perception for pain. That, in my mind, can be the only reason why people resort to practices such as shark definning while they are live and then thrown back into the water, the asphyxiation of fish pulled up on theee massive trawlers and indeed, the practices highlighted above. But these animals are intelligent. They do feel pain. And thrse practices are DISGUSTING

It is unsurprising that are planet is being destroyed by mankind when so many people have such apathy for it and all the animals and organisms in it 

Attack of the Salad Dressing

A woman claims to have been “attacked” by her salad dressing. And no, it didn’t try to grab her on the p….never mind. It wasn’t that sort of orange anyway. 

Divel McLean was hoping to rustle up some dinner when the bottle, which she says was “possessed”, exploded.
“I heard pop, pop, pop. I looked up, it was possessed. It was going crazy. It was shooting up in the air, to the side,” McLean told Fox19.
“It sounded like a firecracker going off in the house. Real loud.”

McLean, who is from Wyoming in the US, said that the Dorothy Lynch-brand salad dressing attacked her when she opened the fridge.

McLean added that she snapped photographs of the scene of devastation afterwards. She is reported to have it made known that there was approximately £2,000, or $2,500 of damage caused to the home. I for one am shocked because I couldn’t even imagine Alien blood from the Ridley Scott classic could cause that much damage but she must have been pretty damn unlucky. But hey, that’s what $3 of sauce will get you. Saucy devastation. 

She later found out that the salad dressing had been recalled by the manufacturer. According to the Daily Mirror, it was recalled because bacteria in the product causes the liquid to bubble and spew out uncontrollably.

“I will never eat Dorothy Lynch again. That stuff is crazy,” McLean concluded. I always liked Paul Newman’s salad dressing to be completely honest. 
Source: The Mirror