I Love My Thighs

This year, I am definitely going to champion body positivity and the acceptance of oneself. This blog post is brilliant for that. Outward beauty is so relative and subjective that striving for one thing will never please everyone. There is no right shape. Be proud of who you are. Forget this idea of “thunder thighs”. Inner beauty is far more terrifying anyway. I mean…Kanye…woof!


Whether they are slim, average, thick, or any other size in the grand and wide scale: I love my thighs. What’s not to love about them?

From early stages of life to maybe even 5 minutes ago, body proportions have stalked and keep stalking this body. A feeling that comes and goes, sort of like a ghost.

Like many things, this “ghost” can be hard to overcome, yet, on some other days it cannot even be sensed. A feeling of empowerment grows in me when I have a couple of minutes in front of the mirror and I can actually admire even the smallest detail of my body. Yes, I have those days, and I think they’re the best!

Why not love your breasts, belly, waist, hips, derrière and thighs? Of course there’s many more parts of your body to admire and appreciate, but from my years of being exposed…

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