A Numbers Game: The WWE Royal Rumble in Numbers

If you are a wrestling fan like me, especially if you are a WWE fan, this time of the year is pretty special. Yessir, it’s the road to WRESTLEMANIA! But before we get to the granddaddy of them all, we have a little stop at this thing called the ROYAL RUMBLE and boy is this pay per view special. At this event, not only do you get some major championship matches. You ALSO get the Royal Rumble match. It involves 30 men. 2 men start the match and then, every 90 seconds (I think that’s right) another enters the match. The only way to eliminate someone from the match is by sending them over the top rope. It’s crazy, exciting and it’s a hell of a load of fun. What is more is that the winner gets a shot at a WWE world title at Wrestlemania. So it’s a pretty big deal.

Here are some really cool facts from previous Royal Rumble matches.

Ring the Damn Bell

Royal Rumble

Craig Wilson

Today we kick-off our countdown to this year’s WWE Royal Rumble event by looking through the event’s long history and picking out some of the most famous moments in ‘The Royal Rumble in Numbers’. So strap yourself in and check out some of the most interesting records set at the January spectacle.

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