Have you ever wondered what has happened to Kevin McCallister? 

You know the story! You must! Kevin McCallister is the 8 year old boy who was left all be his lonesome in the 1990 smash hit movie Home Alone. The film, which also starred Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, is pretty straight forward. By accident, Kevin’s family take a trip to Paris, France but accidentally forget him when his sister makes a mistake while taking a headcount. Kevin is forced to survive on his own but matters take a turn for the worse when he realises that there are two criminals who plan to burgle most of the homes on the street including his own, which is considered the prize target. Kevin, who is unfortunately unable to contact the police due to downed phone lines, takes it upon himself to defend his home against these home invaders in hilarious fashion. 

The movie later spawned a sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York where a mix up at the airport leads Kevin to taking the wrong flight and becomes once again separated from his family again, but this time in New York. 

So I ask you, what becomes of a young man who is twice abandoned by his family at Christmas time?

Jack Dishel has all the answers

There is also a hilarious follow up from Marv!


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