Devoted woman who will not leave her paralysed partner’s side. 

I heard another heartwarming story today that I wanted to share with you all. This one comes from Guangxi in China. 

The tragic but heartwarming story  is of a 27-year-old woman, who patiently looks after her fiancé after he had become paralyzed following a work-related accident. 

Liao Mingpei, got to know her fiance, Jiang Pengfei, in 2009 when she worked in Guangxi’s Baise city. And not long after that, the two fell in love. 

The couple did not have the easiest of times either. Because of bizarre circumstances, the couple were not allowed to tie the knot. Apparently, for some unexplained reason, Jiang’s age was registered on his hukou as three years younger than his real age. And if you weren’t aware, China’s Marital Law dictates that men have to be 22 years old to get married, while women must be 20. This caused further issues when Liao became pregnant and their daughter was born out of wedlock.

Sadly, things took an even sharper turn for the worse in August of 2015. Jiang was badly injured and became paralyzed after a piece of metal fell onto his head at work, damaging his skull. The family exhausted their savings to pay for his medical care, which put them 120,000 yuan in debt. According to the Shanghaiist, Jiang is also not fully conscious. 

In a cruel world, Liao could have just picked up her daughter and walked out on Jiang. Indeed, this is the same world where Newt Gingrich served his wife divorce papers the day after she had an operation to remove tumours. But no, Liao remained dedicated to her partner. Indeed, she has patiently looked after Jiang every day afterward. When he needs to drink water, she gives him an injection. When he needs to get something out of his throat, she turns him over to one side and pats his back. Furthermore, each day, Liao and Jiang’s mother also hike up into the mountains to collect herbs. After they come back home, they boil the herbs and help Jiang take a bath.

To this day, Liao dreams that one day Jiang will wake up and they will hold their daughter’s hands and shoot a series of wedding photos. When questioned by reporters, Liao beautifully stated that “A day together as ‘one’ means endless devotion for the rest of your life.”

Here’s wishing that Jiang makes a full recovery and that one day this couple can have the wedding photos that had always hoped they’d have. 


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