The forever sort of love

I heard this beautiful and sad story today that I wanted to share with you all. Just so you know it’s 100% true. The story revolves around a devoted couple who could not bear to be parted during their 60-year relationship and who died peacefully in their sleep within four days of each other.

Ex-RAF serviceman Edward Davies (who was 84 years of age) had been with the love of his life Louie (82) for 64 years after they met at a dance in 1952.

On October 15, as she lay frail in her hospital bed, Edward held Louie’s hand and told her she was the only woman he had loved, seconds before she passed away.

Four days later, on October 19 – after planning his wife’s “perfect” funeral – Mr Davies also went peacefully to sleep on his stroke ward and never woke up. Their only daughter Anne commented that she knew her parents couldn’t stand to be apart, even in death. 

While Louie was in hospital, Edward stayed in the stroke recovery ward opposite. And everyday, he would go and sit next to her so he could hold her hand as time passed.

The lifelong lovers, who came from the leafy Cheshire village of Lymm in England, met at a dance in 1952 at the Dingle Hotel in their village. The story goes that Louie had spotted the tall RAF serviceman during the night but waited till the ladies’ choice song came to approach him and asked him to dance. The couple married 7 years later in 1959 in their home village. Edward later would leave the RAF and trained as a painter and decorator. Then in 1963, Louie gave birth to their daughter Anne, whom was unexpected but happily welcomed after doctors had told them they would never be able to have children. The three of them were very close and spent much of their time together as a close knit family.

This is Lymm

The happy day.

Earlier this year, both of them were admitted to hospital; Louie was admitted due to health complications while Edward was recovering from a stroke. The pair were destined to be together as even when Louie’s condition worsened and she moved hospital, another bed in the same hospital opened up allowing Edward to move there also. 
Their daughter proudly spoke about how Edward would sit with her, they chatted, drank tea and just enjoyed each other’s company – just like they have always done since they met.

As I mentioned earlier, on Louie’s last day, Edward told her that she was the only woman that he had ever loved. He gave her a red rose and thanked her for everything she had ever done for him, their family and for their daughter. A few days later after planning his wife’s funeral, he too passed away. 

A joint funeral was held for the couple on what would have been their 57th wedding anniversary. Their wedding hymn O Perfect Love was played at the funeral. 

While obviously tragic for their daughter, losing both her parents so close together, one thing is true is that the two of them were destined to stay together forever. And whether you believe in a life after death or not, this story is just so moving. I could only hope to have someone with whom I could be so dedicated too. 


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