Sex Robots. Wait what? Since when did I enter Westworld?

One of the latest stories of the day is that of Sex robot ‘clones’, made to order, that are identical to your favourite celebrity crush and which will even have their own PULSE. I know…I’m creeped out too. 

Love and Sex with Robots author David Levy has claimed the sex robots “are coming” to a store near you, he tells the Daily Star, which granted is the bastion of knowledge here in the UK. 

They would used photographs to build the human replicas and maybe even have them sound like the person.

Mr Levy is quoted as saying “Once the technology and the whole system of ordering and manufacturing these products becomes sophisticated, you wonโ€™t be able to stop your ex-boyfriend if he wants to order a robot that looks like you, same size as you, with the same voice as you”. 

He also BELIEVES that the range could also extend to a celebrity line, with A-listers licensing their images. Sure, I can see that level of depravity happening – well, maybe with Charlie Sheen or Pamela Anderson. 

The reality of this story is somewhat mixed. Writer and Sex Councillor Ian Kerner recently told the Daily Mirror that these robots would enable couples to have fantasy threesomes and also for sex-hungry partners to be able to “act out fantasies” without the cause for concern or jealousy. PERSONALLY, I think I would have a bit of an issue if my girlfriend was going steady with someone else, whether it be another man, woman or advanced vacuum cleaner but that’s just me. Regardless, it is heavily debated how soon these robots will reach the market. While some people have estimated them to be here “soon”, others believe that they are still far away. Nevertheless, one thing for certain is that the sex technology industry is an ever growing and fast moving industry and some have predicted that these machines could be around realistically as near as 2030. 

Personally, it seems all a bit too cringeworthy for me. 


15 thoughts on “Sex Robots. Wait what? Since when did I enter Westworld?

  1. Oh my… technology has gone gaga…I can just imagine having my partner away for a while and then getting his replica made out of plastic to satisfy my desires…๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ That’s just so awesomely funny..

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    • I don’t know! I think it is a little more personal if a guy or girl is opting to shag a robot than doing it with their partner. I don’t know too many people that would choose “rubbing one out” to being with their partner. If you are single and lonely, I guess it could be seen differently but it is still a bit weird. Wouldn’t you feel a bit odd about dating a man with a blow up doll? Lol.

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      • I’m looking at it as a broad situation. I think having the robots could be a good thing. For single people, lonely people, couples, addicts. It would cut down on promiscuous sex. To each their own. I don’t feel it’s hurting anyone. On the other hand I wonder how my boyfriend would feel if a random person made a doll of me. I’ll ask, he could take it as compliment.

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      • Haha I’m thinking he wouldn’t be pleased. Then again, I think you would probably need consent of some kind. I’d also be worried that it would encourage deviant behaviour though. Like rough stuff and such.


      • Well if the company is creating them, they could simply reject people’s requests to make a random person. They would probably be marketed as celebrities. I can imagine the sort of people you would get would be people like the Geordie Shore or Jersey Shore or former big brother contestants.

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