Oh you want ATTITUDE? Ok. 

So I’m lying here on my bed following my daily perusal of WordPress and I’m thinking that some people really have very bad attitudes. I’m not just referring to the people that think they are “gangsta” either though I’ll never get why speaking like you have the mental age of an 8 year old when you are 20 is something to proud. I kid of course, yo peeps be bangin’ fo reel. 

Anyway, so here I am reading through and part of me wonders about how many people are just talk and how many of these people mean what they say. Or if they mean it, would they say it should they be brought up on it in the flesh. Now to be clear, I’m not making a pop at the mentally ill or the lonely people. I know you lot have it hard, trust me I can relate. But I do wonder about those who spend their time putting down other people or those who continuously blow smoke up their arses. It’s like, you want to know why you are single? Maybe it’s because you treat each person you meet with contempt. Now I’m not saying that every person on the planet is Barrack Obama type of cool. They aren’t. Sadly. But just because people aren’t eloquent in how they put themselves forwards or fashionable, doesn’t make them people without emotions or feeling. If you tell a guy who approaches you that he’s a joke or you make fun of him, it might make you feel good but it’s pretty hard on them. Remember, every time someone puts themselves out there, by whatever means, they are really putting themselves on the line. They deserve at the least, in the most part, with some dignity and respect. I think to myself, how would I feel if someone wrote about my attempt to get to know someone on WordPress, Facebook or Twitter. Honestly, I’d feel humiliated. And no, I’m not saying that I’ve ever been a creep but if someone called me a joke or that my attempt was a joke or that I dressed badly or whatever, I would hurt. Maybe I have too thin a skin? Possibly. I just think it’s unfair. 

But back to my point, it’s funny but people have this attitude that they are owed everything instaneously and they can treat people in whatever way they like in the process. Any attempt to garner their attention is sized up and the responses can be cold or brutal. These people will come out and say things like “I prefer to be brutally honest”. Yet I see brutal honesty often as a reason to be just be mean in a justifiable way. Half the time, I think they should ask themselves, how would you feel if you were treated the same way? I’m sure they BS their way out of it by saying they’d be fine or that it wouldn’t happen to them but you know it would burn more than they’d prefer to admit. 

It saddens me though that people act in such a way. There is definitely a lack of respect that people have for each other. I don’t quite know why but it’s really not flattering. At times like this, part of me is glad that I’m alone if the alternative is being with someone so egomaniacal. 


4 thoughts on “Oh you want ATTITUDE? Ok. 

  1. Hi David. I don’t know….maybe it would help to find other wordpress people to “hang” with…? I follow a lot of people and I don’t get that sense much of the time. It sounds like the blogs you read are just really negative. Anyway, take care! 🙂

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