Will I like Sex and the City?

I have always wondered about the phenomenon that was Sex and the City. After all, it seemed to be around in what seems like forever throughout my adolescence and early adulthood. I’m not going to pretend that my initial fascination was innocent. I was a teenager, The show had “sex” in the title and the opening video had Sarah Jessica Parker’s nipples protruding from her top. Yep, I was your average teenager. I probably also had at least one sexual fantasy at some point about Ms Parker and Kristin Davis (she was pretty hot too). I’m sorry about the other two, it’s nothing personal but Cynthia Nixon was just not my type and I’m pretty sure Kim Cattral would scare the crap out of me. She’s a little to domineering for my style – I’d probably be intimidated. Aside from that, I don’t really know too much about it aside from the scenes of a sexual nature and the fact that there was a character called “Mr Big”. To that I say, lucky for he who is called that. For everyone else, there’s always surgery ha ha. I kid. 

Anyway, I recently saw a deal that advertised the entire TV collection as being £35 on digital which is roughly $50. I’m assuming this doesn’t include the movies. That being said, I’ve already party of the movie and had the misfortune of seeing won swarthy Latin bloke fully nude. That really didn’t help my dinner go down that evening, I can tell you.

So as a guy, would I like it? Would it be an eye opening and worthwhile experience into the female psyche? Or is it just fantasy tosh for girls that involves plenty of talk about orgasms, shoes, bags and boy drama? I’m interested to know. 

Any feedback would be appreciated as I’m intrigued to find out just exactly what all the girls around that time were so into. 

11 thoughts on “Will I like Sex and the City?

  1. I watch this show all the time, guys I’ve dated and my brothers have been around while I watch it and they despise it… From experience I’d say you probably wouldn’t… but you might surprise yourself! Watch a few episodes!

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  2. Yes, do purchase it. The movies were not very good, but the series was phenomenal! The writing is outstanding, and their is lots of sex, so it’s a win win. Unless it’s on HBO, the TV versions are highly edited. I rank Sex and the City as one of my all time favorite shows.

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  3. I loved the series – I’ve probably seen every episode at least a half dozen times (and probably more for most of them). I know some men who really liked it, and others who just didn’t like it at all. Perhaps there is somewhere online you can watch a couple episodes before you pay for the whole thing.

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