So things have been interesting recently! I mentioned in previous posts how excited I am about Christmas.

I was also the subject of a recent blog post by this really intriguing woman who I have come across on WordPress called Michelle. She’s the author of the blog Unblunder which is actually a really funny and unapologetic blog about her life. If you are interested in the post she wrote about me, it’s here: Is it me?

Michelle is actually a really cool and über sexy woman. I’ve been trying to have a laugh and a joke around with her for quite a while but she’s never really seemed too interested. She doesn’t even follow my blog! So you can imagine my surprise when I get a message from her asking if she could link to my blog (which I realise I did not offer the same courtesy – I probably should have but here’s hoping she forgives me for it!). What was actually more surprising is that she actually is intrigued by me. That’s great right? Hell yes it is!

Even though I have been here a while now, I still get the same buzz that I first got whenever anyone appreciates my work. If that person is gorgeous too! Even better! The best thing I find about WordPress though is that it gives you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. And Michelle put in her blog that she really doesn’t know whether she should get to know me. Cutely, she also has wondered if she was my crush. Personally, in my opinion, there is never any harm in getting to know someone. Hell, I’ve met some amazing people all over the planet on this place. I find every person is worth taking a chance on because you never know what you might come across. Maybe I’ll just always be an admirer of her blog. Maybe we can end up friends? MAYBE she is someone that I have a crush on? Who knows! But there is only one way to find out. 

Me, I’m an inquisitive guy. I’d want to know. 


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