When we were innocent…

I don’t know why but a moment from my past entered my memory recently and it didn’t half make me chuckle. I must have been no more than 11 or 12 years old and this was before the time when sex education was taught mandatory to kids at a young age. 

Now before I go any further, I want to clarify something. Young boys can be pretty uninhibited. They say some pretty random things to each other. I was pretty naive and innocent still at that age unlike some other guys in my school who had already started collecting pictures of naked ladies from magazines and newspapers. I remember two guys, Paul and Peter, they used to go around the back of the school and show everyone their porn stashes and be all like “look at them boobies”. Then there were those that were just way ahead of the curve and had explicit stuff. I could never understand what was so cool about seeing a woman’s bits either (sorry ladies!). But I just couldn’t see the fuss. I mean, pubic hair on a woman most of us could manage but anything more graphic just seemed vulgar. At least to me. That being said, this is the same guy who had one of the hottest girls in school, who coincidently was quite friendly with me, ask me if I would like a girlfriend and even though I really fancied her a lot, I said “I don’t think I want a girlfriend until I’m 18 because how else can I go on a proper date with her”. I coolly then followed that up by telling her that I also REALLY wanted to focus on my studies. I was SO cool. But anyway, back to the story. 

So I was standing in the school yard queuing up with the rest of my classmates waiting for our teacher to come and take us to the sports field. They used to wait for them and then they’d make us all jog down together. One of the guys I knew there, Brad was one of the more perverse guys in our year and he was chatting to someone about Dani Behr who was somewhat of a heart throb around the time. (This was before she made it big on TV too as she was just a stand in). So he said to this other guy, “Man I had the craziest wet dream” and I was shocked. Not shocked because he was talking about wet dreams but shocked because I thought he had just admitted to wetting the bed. That’s right, I had no CLUE about what he was talking about. And that’s me. I was so innocent. I didn’t even know what a boner was until I was like 14 and that’s only because someone told me I had one and I stupidly asked someone to explain what the hell they were talking about. So….embarrassing…just….so…embarrassing. But you know what? I’m also happy that I was so innocent. I’m happy because childhoods are meant to be sweet and innocent. People grow up too fast sometimes and I think we never realise just how good our childhoods are until we become adults. Sure, we get the freedom and the money but we also get the responsibilities. We also got to hang with our friends at our “place of business”, our working hours were short and we couldn’t get fired, at least as long as we were well behaved.  And while there were many hard things about growing up, such as the onset of my depression and OCD and the death of a number of family members, I wish I had made more of it. Because they were more innocent times. The world seemed a brighter place too.


8 thoughts on “When we were innocent…

  1. Yep, we just didn’t know how wonderful those times were. I keep trying to explain this to my kids, but they think I’m just a rambling old woman who doesn’t understand their plight. They want to be ‘grown up’, going places and doing things that they think are cool, or because their peers are doing it. For instance, youngest daughter likes to have coffee at Costa with her friends. At her age I was still treking over the fields, swimming in the river and acting out shows in the woods with the rest of the kids from the village!
    The world did seem brighter, and times were more innocent. Being a ‘grown up’ isn’t the job it was cracked up to be, knowing what I know now, I think I’d like to resign and be ‘relegated’ to childhood again 😉

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    • Yeah I know exactly what you mean! It’s funny. The days when you think the height of romance is stealing a kiss from a girl. I remember as young boys, us thinking “man it would be so cool if she kissed me”. Nothing crazy. But we all wanted to rush to grow up. It was much more fun when a break was a break and you could go and play football/soccer in the yard for an hour. I never swam in any rivers though. That’s all on you. Sounds like you lived in a nice area!

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      • I guess it was though looking back I was too young and naive to appreciate it. My brother and I were complete outsiders though, as we had moved to Warwickshire (dad’s work) from Yorkshire. As if that culture shock wasn’t enough, we were the only dark skinned kids in the village – I’ll leave what that was like at times to your imagination!
        That said, again looking back, it really was some of the best and wonderfully innocent times of our lives. If only we’d known it at the time!

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      • Bless you! Half Jamaican, half Welsh, born in Yorkshire now living in the Midlands. Heinz 57 comes to mind 😂
        Re the village mentality, I am (sadly!) going back some 40 years (of God! When did getting old happen?!!!) so it was a tad less inclusive then. But hey, there were good times too, and I can honestly say from a personal point of view, some of this PC stuff and red tape we now live under causes more friction than it eases. Crazy huh? 🙄

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