Police Squad to the rescue – Project Amsterdam

If you are in the police, you cannot take things to chance. After all, ignoring a possible situation can have dramatic consequences. One such team in Amsterdam of the Netherlands weren’t about to take that chance. 

It all started when the officers were responding to a report from neighbours who were concerned by a woman who had been standing still for a prolonged period of time. The woman was said to be in her underwear.


The team, who attended the call said they witnessed a woman who was indeed dressed in her underwear from outside, but when they rang the doorbell she would not answer. The officers were understandably concerned and left with no other option, they sprung to action and bust the door down. 

But all wasn’t as it seemed. Indeed, when they broke down the door, they “indeed found a lifeless woman,” but she was “made of plastic and filled with air” as she was a SEX DOLL

The embarrassed police moved the doll away from the window so that there would be no confusion but it was never reported if criminal charges were made. The sex doll was also unavailable to comment although I have it on good authority that she was filled with hot air. 

Source: The Mirror


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