Sidenote of Seriousness – Disturbed by the latest PETA revelation. 

You may think of me as a hypocrite for saying this and maybe I am. I’m not a vegetarian. Honestly, I wish I was but my dietary restrictions are such these days that food shopping is hard at the best of times and I do feel at times that I don’t have the luxury of going over to things like Quorn when a lot of these products contain gluten. That being said, I am conscientious about where my food comes from and I try to eat food from the most humane places possible. 

PETA is obviously an organisation that is pro animal life and pro vegan and I respect their opinions for the most part, even though there are certain policies of theirs to that I do fundamentally disagree with too.  Their recent exposé however shocked me. I won’t post the video of it but if you really want to see it, you can here directly from the Daily Mirror’s website. 

But anyway, the exposé was on the truly barbaric practice of live animal eating. If you have a weak constitution, I would strongly recommend not watching the video. It actually upset me quite a bit. 

Sparing the details of the video, the practice is something of a growing trend, particularly in Japanese and Korean cuisine. And it involves practices from live seafood hotspots and dreaming of live seafood before the eyes of patrons to the dismembering of live seafood, including shrimp, lobsters and octopi while it is alive. In some cases, they even serve the parts of the animal next to the alive remains which are experiencing excruciating pain. The unflinching footage mentioned singles out Korean sushi restaurant T Equals Fish, where customers order sannakji – literally “wriggling octopus” – and lobster tails served on the same plate as the living animal.

Honestly, this practice is truly barbaric. For one, I have never eaten lobster or crabs for these very reasons but this latest shock is unbelievable. Is there no level to the cruelty that some people do? I am sure, part of it, is the fact that the animals in question are sea food and for that reason, people assume that they are unintelligible creatures with no perception for pain. That, in my mind, can be the only reason why people resort to practices such as shark definning while they are live and then thrown back into the water, the asphyxiation of fish pulled up on theee massive trawlers and indeed, the practices highlighted above. But these animals are intelligent. They do feel pain. And thrse practices are DISGUSTING

It is unsurprising that are planet is being destroyed by mankind when so many people have such apathy for it and all the animals and organisms in it 


8 thoughts on “Sidenote of Seriousness – Disturbed by the latest PETA revelation. 

  1. I never could watch these things and most especially can’t now. It’s been 8 or so years since I’ve eaten meat. I do respect other people for informing me of events and reports that I can’t bring myself to watch although even that is touch and go lately because it disheartens me to a very large degree just to hear about some of the things people do with so little sensitivity, so little understanding of the sentience of other creatures. I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Thanks for your post.

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    • I find it hard too. I haven’t even watched the videos. I get very upset or emotional whenever I see an animal harmed and I probably would be a veggie if it wasn’t for my dietary restrictions which includes quite a number of veg. I start tearing up in movies that aren’t even real. I refuse to watch I am Legend because it upsets me and I walked out on Babadook because of them hurting a dog in it. Same for a cat and Drag Me to Hell. And I refuse to watch Wolf of Wall Street even though I really like Margot Robbie because of their treatment of goldfish and chimpanzees. I will not give money to people who abuse animals AND I find no enjoyment on feel it is necessary to see an animal get hurt on a film. Real or not. It is not entertainment. And the feeling I get from seeing it is utter sadness so why put myself through that?

      People do not cease to amaze me though and I can’t imagine how anyone can justify torture of any living thing for whatever purpose.

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      • Ah, I hear you. I’ve even stopped reading books about dogs because of the possibility that it’s going to end badly. In many respects I feel about this as I did our conversation of a couple of days ago, I can’t change the way other people think if they are unmotivated to hear other points of view. The veg thing sometimes makes good people become defensive because they eat meat. So I do hold my tongue a lot, which is really uncomfortable….ever tried to hold your tongue between your fingers for long? 🙂

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      • Haha no, I can’t say I have ever tried that. I feel obliged to though now.

        I think even for those people that eat meat, you can be responsible about it. Like living conditions for animals and maybe not eating meat all the time. I don’t for example buy duck or goose feathers for pillows and will by synthetic fibres over leather as much as possible.

        Like I said, if I could, I’d be all veg and protect all the animals I could. You should see me when I go to places like Pet Stores. Part of me is annoyed but I gush all over the animals. I would take them all home if I could.

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      • Again, I hear you. I eat eggs, but now because of things I’ve read, I make a real effort to buy eggs from cage-free and free range chickens and hope they truly are. Don’t beat yourself up. Just do what you can do. I think every little bit helps. Even if I ever did return to eating meat, I would never eat a pork product, not after learning they are smarter than dogs (not the products…the pigs).

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