If I get married (and I hope I do), this will NOT happen 

Okay. I have seen some pretty odd weddings through my life. Most of them involved an Elvis in some way or were so extravagant that they could only be made for TV. 

HOWEVER, a newly married couple in China now win the award for the oddest wedding that I have ever seen. Why?

Well, this wedding, an event that was meant to be one of the best days of their lives, actually proved to be probably on of their most embarrassing. Apparently, this married couple were ordered to HAVE SEX by their guests as they watched under a lucky red duvet. 

The couple, while naked lying next to one another under this duvet, where asked a number of questions by their guests including “Are you two attached to one another”. Obviously, not being able to speak Chinese, I cannot confirm this but I am reliably informed this by The Metro

You can see a video of this unfortunate couple below. And for all of peeps out there who are hoping to see something graphic, please note that the video is not explicit (I wouldn’t have posted it if it was) and any nudity is blurred out. 

By the way, what cruel guest would film this and then post it online? 


20 thoughts on “If I get married (and I hope I do), this will NOT happen 

    • Being drunk before the ceremony ha ha? I hope that wasn’t available for the bride and groom?

      Seriously though, how weird is that? I mean, their so called friends were feeling under the duvet and seeing if they were connected?


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