The unluckiest man in Australia?

WARNING: the following story will not be appreciated by arachnophobes. 


So I heard this story today about a man who various media outlets are calling “the unluckiest man in Australia”. But why you ask? WELL….

The poor fellow in question is considered the unluckiest man in Australia because he was bitten on the penis by a venomous spider TWICE in the space of a year while using portable toilets. 

Jordan, 21, from Sydney, says he was first bitten on the genitals by a redback spider in April while working on a building site. The bite left a nasty red and painful mark on his genitalia and it, unsurpringly, put him off using portable toilets afterwards. 

Skip forward five months and Jordan decided to take a chance and use a portable toilet again choosing one of the EIGHT available cubicles to do his business on a completely different building site in Sydney. And guess what happened? He was bitten AGAIN in nearly exactly the same spot. Jordan claims that these toilets had a little crevice under the bowl that was hard to check and the little bugger was hiding there. As you can imagine, he checks his toilets thoroughly now.

But what are the chances of being big for a second time in a year on your man bits by a spider? Those odds must be astronomical and let’s not forget that this was the first time he’d used a portable toilet since the last incident. The guy was rushed to hospital where he received a tetanus short and anti-venom. Jordan mentioned in his interview that the staff there remembered him from his previous visit. That must sting! (Pun intended). And to make things worse, apparently the bite was worse and more painful this time around. If I were him, I’d never use a portable toilet ever again. 

Source: The Mirror


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