Dani the nurse

So I went to the hospital today for one of my tests and I had to do the usual getting out of my clothes and put on a gown dealio that you always have to do with things like these. But this was not the run of the mill day. No no. When it was my turn to go in, up comes this beautiful nurse called Dani and tells me to follow her. This made things remarkably awkward. Firstly, when a beautiful woman asks you to take off your clothes, you usually get pretty excited. Indeed I did but I was also doing my best to prevent myself from displaying said excitement. But, you know, it was one of those things where it dawned on me that basically even though I thought she was extremely attractive, asking her out would be completely inappropriate. I mean, chances are I would see her again and nobody would want it to be awkward (or at least more awkward) when going for an examination than it already is. It was in fact pretty damn frustrating though. 

Why is it that I only seem to meet nice women when I’m in the most inappropriate of places?

Genuinely it’s not fair. 


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