Wacky Signs 3: Wacked off

Here are some more of the latest and greatest signs. 

1. That sign bested me!

I don’t know which is worse, the fact that the Guinness costed €6 or that the waitresses were all dressed up! The cheek!

2. Good advice

Every person should heed this warning. If you are going to slip, then remember to fall down carefully. 

3. Above and beyond. 

What makes a good bar a great bar? Well now you know. 

4. That’s what she said. 

Ah muff. One of those words you pick up as a 10 year old never to be innocent again. 

5. George Michael was HERE

Oh wouldn’t it be nice, if I could touch your body..umm..no. But hey, whatever floats your boat!

6. Jiggalos advertise too. 

I’m not even going to ask what cock light is but it’s good that they offer you a drink while you are at it. 

7. Here kitty!

I’ve heard the rumours! Where is he? Where is my Tiddles! 

8. Don’t streak on this golf course!

To be fair, you shouldn’t be swinging that club out and about on a golf course any way! Dirty perverts!

9. The key was in the name. 

Come on, how can you be surprised you got crabs with a name like that!? I hope your doctor helps you out. 

10. Quack quack!

LEAVE DONALD ALONE! There is one thing giving a duck bread but what sort of crazy people like here?????


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