Are Little Mix dressing like “Strippers”?

Little Mix were recently SLAMMED for wearing ‘stripper and prostitute’ outfits for X Factor Shoutout To My Ex performance. It apparently even brought on the wrath of Spice Girl Mel C who said the band were “too provocative” for her 7 year old daughter. Many viewers felt the same way. 

Little Mix have had a lot of traction and attention for their new single Shoutout to My Ex ahead of their appearance on the X Factor , but their presence on the show was slammed by viewers.

The girls, who shot to fame after winning the family entertainment show in 2011, got blasted for wearing some extremely revealing clothes and were even called “prostitutes” by some of the viewers just a day after Spice Girl Mel C slammed them for being too sexy for her daughter to watch.

As the girls took to the stage audience members didn’t know where to look as long legs, groins and buttocks were flashed on display for everyone to see.

One fan of the show said: “Why are they all wearing their swimming costumes? # XFactor “.

It seemed that the theme for the girls was less is more, as they danced, gyrated and strutted across the stage in barely any clothing.

While over the knee boots was the one item they all rocked, thighs and bums on show was the other thing they all had in common.

Jesy Nelson looked particularly raunchy in her outfit and was picked out for criticism by viewers with one man writing: “Jesy needs to cover up ASAP”. 

But when it came to the wardrobe choices of Little Mix, reviews were more than a little bit scathing.

“Girl role models? really? dressed like that?” said one, as another posted: “Are you joking!? The strippers have arrived then … # XFactor “.

To be honest, I don’t see the big deal as such. Granted, while their outfits are rather provocative, they are not doing something unique per say. I mean, I already highlighted in my recent post how it is now acceptable to have partial nudity and two girls kissing on day time television, so why can’t a girl band dance provocatively to push their music?

Perhaps part of the reason behind people’s displeasure is down to comments the girls made in the past. 

Speaking to the BBC last year Jesy said: “Do you know what? I think it’s different for girl bands. Fans can find it intimidating if you’re being sexy.

Bandmate Perrie then added: “We’re not about that anyway. We’re in our own lane, we know what we stand for. We want to inspire people.”
Jade then added: “There’s no need to do that kind of dancing. Obviously, sometimes we do do a bit of sexy dancing but it’s more empowering.”

Perrie, who was the main writer of their new single, which is aimed at Zayn Malik, agreed: “Yeah, it’s sassy. Not gyrating on the floor thrusting our vaginas.”

“If we’re a bit sexy, we’re a bit sexy, if we’re not, we don’t really care. We don’t feel like we have to have really skimpy outfits. We do whatever the heck we want.”

Let’s be honest now, this performance was in no way as bad as some of the stuff Miles Cyrus has done in recent times. And let’s face it. Sex sells. 

The performance did what it was intended to do in that it stirred up attention. More people will google their performance because they’ll be intrigued what the fuss is about. It will also garner for male attention. I’m not a male chauvinist but before their last album, I had never had any interest in them (mostly because I never listen to the radio). But when they started doing TV commercials in scantily clad attires, I was like…hello? I know it’s not right but it does grab attention. I hope that doesn’t make me a bag person. It’s just natural I think. 

That being said, I’m not sure I’d be happy if that was daughter.  Then again, if Miley Cyrus was my daughter, I’d want her committed to a psych ward. 

What are YOUR thoughts?

The full video is here:

15 thoughts on “Are Little Mix dressing like “Strippers”?

  1. I would not want my child watching anyone dancing sexily dressed in soft bondage. I thought the X Factor was a family show, although I have noticed it comes on after young kids bed times but then is it appropriate to show younger teenagers that you have to look and act like that in order to be valued as a female?

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  2. I’m going to see them in concert this year and will not be impresseds if they are dressed like this because my cousin who is 10 is going to the concert. She loves their music and will be really upset if they are dressed like this:(
    I hope that they actually wear a decent amount of clothing so that my cousin can watch the performance that my auntie has paid for. I do think though that they dress like prostitutes. I just don’t understand why you would want to ‘shock’ your fans by wearing minimal clothing.

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