How dirty is your mind?

Do you think you have a mind that is a little too focused on sex? Well. Check out this photo. What do you see?

It’s a simple drawing made up of curved lines and a big pair of dots. But it’s been baffling many across the internet. 

Mainly, the befuddlement arrives because people are convinced the picture depicts an abstract drawing of a woman, her torso and hips, her sizeable pair of breasts. And to be fair, that’s what I initially saw too 🤔. 

Still, it’s not the only thing the visual can represent. At least at closer inspection or perhaps even straight away if you don’t have such a dirty mind!

Some people see two stick men fervently dancing. The curves are their legs and the dots are their heads. The image remains abstract, but has a far less raunchy meaning.

Apparently, scientists believe that the brain can see both images almost simultaneously but one depiction dominates based on the type of person you are or the experiences or thoughts you have. I knew seeing an Emmanuelle film when I was 12 would have long lasting psychological implications to me…

So not only can optical illusions wreak havoc with our eyes but they can apparently tell you things you never knew about yourself. This picture taught me that I like boobs. And Emmanuelle 7th Heaven taught me that virtual reality has the potential to be very deviant. Good luck VR Gamers!


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