Megyn Kelly – my new crush

Have you heard of Megyn Kelly? If you are British, you probably haven’t. Until recently, I hadn’t heard about her either. 

But her recent exploits in the American media (namely Fox News) have caught my eye and I’m fascinated by her. 

There is no question that Kelly is a beautiful. Her sea green eyes and amazing smile are hard to ignore but make no mistake, she is far more than window dressing in the media. Kelly is a former corporate defence attorney so make no mistake about it – this lady knows how to handle herself.  

But what really caught my eye about Kelly is how she handles herself in a male dominated world. Fox, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, has never shied away from window dressing. This is evident on a lot of Murdoch’s broadcasting, even in the U.K. where he has attractive young females anchor news and sports news to help bring in the audience. And half the time, these ladies have spurious links to sport at best. Kelly doesn’t just look the part in this regard but acts it in equal measure with hardlined questioning and a tenacity to press her guests to the very best of her abilities. This has been seen on numerous occasions throughout the Trump/Clinton presidency campaign with guests such as Newt Gingrich. Gingrich was perplexed when Kelly questioned him about Trump’s alleged inappropriate behaviour towards women and attempted to shout her down in a tense conversation where he even accused her of being “obsessed with sex”. 

By the way, Newt Gingrich is a three time cheat and well known philanderer who at one point said that he behaved poorly (in reference to his adultery) because of “how passionately” he felt about his country. (America). I kid you not. 

It’s true that Megyn Kelly has had her fair shares of metaphorical scuffles with guests on her television show and I am reasonably sure that this is, at least in part,  down to her gender. You see, many of male guests often seem baffled by her resilience and her determination to aggressively question them. Like Gingrich, many even get quite angry and expect her to defer to them like some good subservient woman. Maybe in their minds, she is there to just look good. Gingrich was annoyed. Donald Trump too has had his issues with her too. Indeed, during the Presidential Primaries, Kelly called Trump out on how he respects women, which completely blindsided him. After the debate, Trump told Morning Joe that he believed she should apologize. “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” he told CNN days later.

Kelly also is a woman of integrity and who has no qualms with arguing her corner on things she disagrees with, which is no less than you’d expect from an attorney. In a 2013 interview, she took on conservative pundits Erik Erickson and Lou Dobbs, both of whom were arguing that feminism was turning women into a race of dominant man-eaters. Kelly was infuriated by her guests’ insistence that working mothers were at the root of society’s downfall and that women who work out of the home were responsible for divorce and consequently social chaos. Dobbs was so annoyed at her willingness to debate this issue that he at one point admonished her referring to her as “oh dominant one” for refusing to cave in to their philosophy. 

This is certainly a major reason behind both my attraction and fascination of Megyn Kelly. She’s unpredictable, intelligent and doesn’t surrender. Plus, despite appearing on Fox’s predominantly biased broadcasting network (Fox doesn’t hide the fact that it is Pro-Republican), seems to be partisan and consequently of interest to viewers across the political spectrum (excluding those who don’t like strong intelligent women). For those people, Megyn Kelly is somewhat of an enigma. She doesn’t conform to their definition of what a woman should be and despite their best efforts, she also doesn’t waver to aggression or attempts to shut her down. And I doubt that those men will ever understand why she will never cater to their whims because those men just want their women to look good and nothing more. 


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