This is why elephants are awesome. 

This elephant is more concerned for the environment than most people. Says it all!

Me D and OCD

On planet earth, a lot of humans are quite frankly litterbugs. You’ll see full blown Hollywood movies where you see people tossing stuff into the sea or blowing things up just for special effect. And at times, people can generally just really abuse the planet. Like is it really necessary for someone to toss an empty can of coke out of the window on a motorway or highway rather than wait for their next stop? If you even need to debate this then you are mad.

Bring in this amazing elephant. Not only is he or she absolutely beautiful and majestic but it is also apparently ecologically more conscious than most humans. Check it out.

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4 thoughts on “This is why elephants are awesome. 

  1. Elephants are such beautiful creatures. I notice that it’s not easy for him to do this and takes a little time and patience, get its so simple for humans yet some still can’t be arsed. I also love that s/he does not get any apparent reward, they are just tidying the landscape ❤

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