Do you ever find…

Whenever I start writing something here, I am always writing off the top of my head. More often than not, very little planning goes into it. I find it funny reading stuff back because I think it gives quite an interesting insight into how ideas form in my head. I know when I’m writing, I want to sound smart so I add all these pointless words in here and there when really it would probably make better reading by just being straightforward. It’s definitely not very “authory” of me. I should plan!

I think one of the big problems of constructing sentences when you are basically writing what you think is that you are often not sure how the sentence is going to end when you are putting it down in front of you. Obviously, if you proof it as you go along, you can change it but damn it, when I write, I write like I’m a German speaking English more than an Oxforf Professor. And I’m not even German!

How do you write your blogs? Do you plan out stories and posts? Do you write them in word before you post them? Let me know how you roll!

3 thoughts on “Do you ever find…

  1. I write my thoughts down directly, most times I don’t plan how I write it. If it needs to be edited then I do that but most times I don’t have the time to edit. The words usually form in my head to drive out the message I’m trying to pass across to people and at the end of the day it makes sense. I hope😀

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  2. I plan out insofar as ideas I want to cover and when (ie to coincide with, say Halloween) but other than that I write and generally post immediately. Sometimes I’ll be organised enough to write a few drafts in advance and schedule them but that’s rare. The actual post itself I write and re-read / edit every few paragraphs to make sure it reads well. I’ve probably been constructing sentences in my head once I’ve had the initial idea but I don’t generally record these anywhere – I just hope when I come to write the post I don’t have a sudden bout of amnesia!

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  3. When I write my blog posts, I have the same approach as you, David. I just sit at the laptop and bash away at the keyboard about whatever comes to mind. I tend to write as I speak, I prefer that approach, as if I am having a conversation with someone, as to me, it is less formal and hopefully encourages people to want to talk back with me>

    However, this approach can let me down as very often I have missed a typo when I have checked back on it (after I have hit the publish button of course)! I do a once over at the end of the post usually, do not plan anything and only use Word for my poems (that is so that I can keep track of them easier)!

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