Wow. You are one tool Mr Mourinho

The past seven days have been a bit of a rollercoaster emotionally for the average Chelsea FC fan. In fact, you could say the past 12 months have. Last Sunday, at Stamford Bridge, was the return of Jose Mourinho some ten months after being sacked by the chairman Roman Abramovich. Mourinho is now the manager of one of our rivals, Manchester United and it was a bitter pill to swallow. But given the history we had with him, we wanted to try and keep our emotions in check and try to welcome him back to the Bridge with the respect he deserved. After all, he won the Premier League for us three times and we have always been grateful for that. 

Anyway, so he returned on Sunday. And prior to the match, he did a lot of interviews with the press saying things like “I was sacked, I didn’t walk out” and “It’s just another game for me”. I tried to ignore the build up. It was hard. Mourinho to me has always had a special place in my heart as he wrote a letter to me after my Mum wrote to him explaining that I was going through a hard time and that some kind words from him would go a long way. When I got that letter, I was made up. Seriously I was grinning from ear to ear and stuck that letter above my bed so I could remind myself that Jose Mourinho was wishing me luck. And when he left the club first time around, I was heartbroken. I was angry with Abramovich, the players. Everything! And then, three years ago he came back. Man, I was so happy.  And now, we are now here and he’s at another club, our rival and he’s coming back into town. 

Like I said, I tried to avoid the build up. I didn’t want to see interviews. I wanted it to be over as painlessly as possible. I didn’t want Chelsea to lose to Manchester United of course but it has always been really hard to not support Mourinho too. Chelsea went onto win 4-0 in a very one sided match. 

For Chelsea, it was a great result. Obviously not for him and after the match, he was very critical of our new manager Antonio Conte as he bemoaned the fact that he over celebrated the goals. The fans did sing his name though and we did give him applause when he turned up. So it was a blow to us fans when he said that the response of the Chelsea fans to him didn’t affect him and that he felt nothing. And that hurt a bit because we always backed him, even when he wasn’t doing well. 

The real hammer blow came three days later this evening. Mourinho’s United had a match against their city rivals, Manchester City. United won the match 1-0. After the match, Mourinho apologised to the fans for the result. But what happened in his post match interview was unexpected. 

Mourinho said 

“And obviously when I am in this club, my heart belongs to the fans and I felt especially for them.

The reality is I never had people like these ones before.”

“We lost 4-0 and they were supportive. Today, the stadium was full.

Not full of people, full of real support and it looks like the love they have for the club is bigger than bad results, bigger than three bad seasons.”

So is he saying that our stadium was just full of people and not real support? It sounds like that. And wow that sucks. You know, Chelsea fans in almost their entirely supported Mourinho throughout his time at Chelsea. Almost unequivocally. Even when he lost, we would cheer his name. Even after he got sacked, we continued to cheer his name. The love of our fans for this man was unreal but after being at his new club for just a few months, he says that he has never known fans like this? Just wow!

I am wounded. And while I can understand why he might be pissed at the owner or even the players, that’s one thing. But to dump on the very fans who gave their everything to you, it totally stinks. 

I guess I was wrong about you. 


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