Monica Lewinsky

In no instance is it acceptable to have an extramarital affair. By posting this, I am in no way condoning what Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky got up to.  I am also in no way using this post as a way to show my support for either of the presidential candidates in the forthcoming elections.  That being said….

I don’t know if it is the fact that I’m getting older but I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that I find Monica Lewinsky incredibly attractive. That’s even considering that she kept a semen covered dress that she wore when her and President B Clinton were doing their thing. 

I can’t quite explain it. I think part of the reason behind it is that I think she’s smart and big brains are attractive. I also admire the fact that after her undoubtedly humiliating ordeal in the nineties, she has managed to come out of that at the other end and actually do some good. Indeed, she is now campaigning readily against cyber bullying, something that is equally ever present and disturbing in this day and age.

While I get that many people will dislike her for her affair, and while I agree that what she did was wrong, I do also think that it must be quite hard to turn down the President of the United States. Obviously that’s not right and it does take two to tango but I can imagine that you’d find it hard to say no when you consider the potential ramifications. 

For a person in power, it must be very easy to abuse that power. You have a level of responsibility far more than many others and in that situation, it is easy to manipulate people. Let’s be fair though, I’m sure Bill Clinton wasn’t the first president to cheat on his wife and when you consider the attitude of DT, King of the Tictacs, lord knows what he’d be like.

But good luck Miss Lewinsky. I hope you threw out that dress. 


2 thoughts on “Monica Lewinsky

  1. Yes, I find it odd that she kept that dress as well. I am sure there must have been other mementoes from their relationship!
    She is a very beautiful woman, and I am sure it must have been difficult saying no to a president. JFK certainly found a fair few women who faced this dilemma!
    I am glad Monica has managed to move on and some good at least came out of it.

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    • In her defence, apparently she was convinced by a friend to keep it as evidence. I’m sure if I had been around her I’d have been interested. I wonder if she will ever find it easy to have a relationship after what has happened to her. And yeah, I was thinking of JFK just yesterday! Nice spot.

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