Zombies on the M62????

Recently (the 25th of September), police cars were scrambling after a report for a potentially serious incident. 

A passer-by rang 999 early on Sunday evening after believing they had seen a man biting a woman and assaulting her on the M62 between Manchester and Liverpool. 

Officers later discovered the vehicle near junction 11 for Birchwood and Warrington.

What they found though was rather unusual. In fact, it was a man and a woman wearing Zombie make-up. Indeed, they were a couple of extras on their way to an acting job. 

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police later commented: “We got a call to reports of a man biting a woman on the M62 at junction 11 and being assaulted.”

“Officers were sent out to search for the vehicle as it is a serious incident. ”

“But when they found the car in question, they saw they were covered in fake blood.

“Thankfully the man and woman were extras on their way to a job and it was a funny ending really.”

So for all you Walking Dead fans out there, no, there hasn’t been a zombie Apocolypse just let. Just a few extras filming and a few crazy people high on bath salts. I’m kind of glad really. I’m chunky and I think zombies would see me as kind of a buffet meal. 


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