Songs that are NOT subtle 

Firstly I want to start with an early warning that many of the videos I am going to show you include explicit lyrics. This is not suitable for any youngster and I would go as far as to say that no one under the age of 18 should really be listening to this music….

NOW, I want to start by saying that I am not a prude. But throughout my life, there have been times where I have been shocked by song lyrics. Some of these songs below are relatively harmless but when you put into context the age that I heard them, it literally blew my mind. Then again, I guess I was a pretty innocent kid growing up. 

So here are my picks for not so subtle songs from over the last couple of decades. 

Vengaboys – Boom Boom Boom Boom

Comment: Okay so this song isn’t shocking as such but rather is lacking in subtlety. For a 13/14 year old boy, hearing the lyrics “Boom boom boom boom! I want to go boom boom. Let’s spend the night together. Together in my room” was kind of a whaaaat? moment. 

Spice Girls – 2 Become 1

Comment: Hearing this song again really makes me chuckle. This song came out in 1996 which would have made me about 12 and I remember hearing this with my friends and thinking this was the most erotic song ever! “Oh my God they are singing about sex” we thought we were the enlightened ones. Man I had a massive crush on Baby Spice. 

Mousse T feat. Hot and Juicy – Horny

Comment: This is another blast from the past circa 1998. Again what’s funny about this is not that the song was explicit but the fact that the song was so blatant. What’s equally funny is that when I heard it, I had no idea what horny even meant! It’s kind of embarrassing looking back now as I sang out loud “I’m horny! I’m horny horny horny!”

The Divinyls – I touch myself

Comment: Oh my God, what a shock this song was to me. I heard it for the first time in the mid 90s and in a Chris Farley movie and I genuinely just thought the tune was funky without paying any attention to the lyrics. Eventually the VHS of the film I had broke and I couldn’t find a replacement. Then, a number of years later I found the DVD and watched it again excitedly. The song came on and I was really happy so I searched for it online to listen to it again when the lyrics struck me and I went bright red. Oh my God did I search for the music video fast! I hope some day some lady has the same feeling described in the lyrics for me ha ha!

Hot Action Cop: Fever for the Flava. 

Comment: embarrassingly I was over 18 and just really liked the tune when I first heard this. It wasn’t till I paid attention and listened to the lyrics did I fully grasp this song. And bloody hell! These lyrics are pretty explicit!!

“Do you think that I could get some (jiggy jiggy)…Maybe gets a little finga (sticky sticky)”

“What do I have to say to get inside girl, what do I have to say?”

Yep. Says it all. 

Peaches – F*ck the Pain Away

Comment: I heard this song for the first time at University and I was shocked what I was hearing. And I mean, while I had heard crude chatter before this, genuinely surprised me. I can’t say it was even sexy. It just seemed…wrong. 

Khia – My neck, my back (lick it)

Comment: Say what now? I don’t really know where to begin with this one. I heard it for the first time in a club and I had to do a double take. I also think she says she wants someone to lick her…crack? WHAT?

Lonely Island feat Akon – I just had sex

Comment: BAHAHAHAHAHA! This song is HILLARIOUS. I love Andy Samberg and this song cracks me up. Plus I’ve never seen Akon so happy. I guess he’s not Mr Lonely anymore. 

41 thoughts on “Songs that are NOT subtle 

  1. Haha, ahh the memories!!
    Some of these songs are sooo bad when you look back at them!!
    Kids, like myself, listened to them!!! **I’m looking at you Vengaboys and Spice Girls**
    But I guess these are nothing compared to the songs kids listen to these days lol.
    There was also Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch


    • How’s it go? “Put your hands down my pants and I’ll bet you feel nuts!” Lol. Subtle indeed.

      I was a teenager by the time the Vengaboys song was out so I think my hormones were already on red alert but I was still a little kid with the Spice Girls one. I remember when I heard it thinking “MY MUM CAN NEVER KNOW I’M LISTENING TO THIS FILTH”. Then it was – hmm- I wonder if there is a music video. I think the Spice Girls were the first time in my life I had the “which one’s the hottest” chat with friends lol.

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      • Haha thats the one! Listening to some of the old songs is just hilarious!!
        As a kid you never really realise the double meaning of some of the songs… Until you become a teenager! Haha and now I’m just like shit! I used to listen to that?!
        At least songs these days are straight up, no hidden innuendos

        I’m guessing Baby or Ginger won the whose hottest contest lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • For me it was actually Baby and Posh. Ginger not so much and I don’t know why. I remember funnily when I was older my Uncle telling me that I should have liked Scary because she had the biggest boobs ha ha!

        Baby always was awesome though. She looked amazing in “Say You’ll be There”. And lol, nothing could be as embarrassing as being a clueless 11 year old singing “I’m horny! I’m horny horny horny!” having no idea what it means lol.

        I think innuendos are fun though! Nothing much fun about Peaches!

        And as for Bloodhound Gang, the Ballad of Chasey Lain and Fire Water Burn were pretty bad.

        I won’t type the lines of the Ballad of but I remember Fire Water Burn going “I’m kinda like Hans Solo always stroking my own wookie” lol.

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      • Haha, geez I didn’t think anyone liked Scary Spice, although he had a fair point haha!!
        Yeah thank god the technology we have today wasn’t around back then!! Can you imagine all the embarrasing videos / photos that would have been posted! Lol.
        My cousin was bossy and woud make us dress up as the Spice Girls and do dance routines, there were always fights over who was going to be Baby! I think she was everyones favourite.

        The Ballad of Chasey Lain is such a catchy song, I never listened to it as a kid so I’m not scarred for life by it thank god lol!
        Never listened to Fire Water Burn.. Sounds hilarious!
        Have you listened to Macklemore – Castle. This song is not subtle at all lol

        ‘You like to party, I am a partier
        You like to wander, I am a wanderer
        Your thighs are the closet to Narnia
        Is it cool if I go and get lost in that?’

        Who thinks of these lyrics!! Haha

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      • Bahaha your thighs are the closet to Narnia? I may have to use that line someday. I’ve never heard that song!

        Lol, I kind of realised when I got older the pros of Scary but as Scary and Ginger got older, they got way less attractive. Still think Baby is the best haha. I never did any dance routines.

        As for the Ballad of Chasey Lain, haha I know how catchy right? What was the worst was when I first heard it, I found myself at a train station sing “you had a lot of d***”. So BAD!

        By the way, that Macklemore song reminds me of a scene from Beverly Hills Ninja where a drunk Chris Farley says “I merely wanted to get close to the temple, not inside. I only wanted to climb the steps and maybe get a peek at the sacred object.”


  2. Also, I remember being about the same age (13 or 14) when that Vengaboys song came out. I knew it was dirty but it was so much fun to dance to (they actually played it at a school dance that year!). Never saw the video until now. Geez!

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    • Haha I was so conflicted about this song too because I was at the age where I thought most women were some form of hot and I liked the two ladies in the band. But I would never have admitted to anyone that at school or what not. It would have been so uncool.

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