Stay classy Britain

In life, you get weird things. You get Bray Wyatt in the WWE. You get Piers Morgan being considered a celebrity. You even get Weird Al Yankovic. But none of that comes close to the weird crap you get on Craigslist

Today I was scrolling through the world of the weird and the wonderful when I came across an article which displayed 16 of the creepiest adverts on Craigslist. Oh boy!

The article which was in the Daily Mirror, an English newspaper provided adverts which included one from a 66 year old Indian man who was looking for a nice woman to room share with on a temporary basis (he offered to find her some more long term accommodation during her stay) and another which offered a free room for a woman “willing to carry out household chores naked or in sexy lingerie”. Obviously these offers are highly appealing…

For the complete list of the 16 creepiest adverts London has to offer on Craigslist, check out the full article HERE


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