Is this really Business in Hong Kong?

They say sex sells and I guess it does. These days you get perfume adverts on TV with semi-naked men and women lying around leaving little to the imagination and it must work because otherwise, why would they do it?

But this Hong Kong jewellery firm took things one step too far as seen in the following video. 

Yep, this business decided to have a poor young girl stand nearly topless behind a counter with only small pictures of diamonds covering her nipples to sell jewellery. Really? And while exploiting women for merchandise or for any reason is ever acceptable, you have to wonder what sort of target market this business is looking for by putting this poor girl through this. What is just as strange is that people are walking past like it is just another day at the office. These tactics are sleezy, nauseating and down right pathetic. What sort of message is this sending to people? Please by my jewellery because of the naked girl? And what sort of message is it sending to young children? That women are useful just to window dress? Ugh! It is such a backward and deplorable attitude for the 21st Century. 


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