Top 5 most annoying pop songs of the last 16 years. 

Wow, there have been some great tunes over the last 16 years. Epic songs by Coldplay, Muse, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding. Okay okay, I may not have the coolest taste in music but still, those songs have nothing on these five disasterpieces. 

5. “Lonely” by Akon

Secret admission here. I go to and fro from absolutely marking out to this tune to absolutely detesting it. Right now, I just laugh at the Chipmunk chorus BUT there was a time where I admittedly really liked it.  *Hangs head in shame*

4. “Beautiful” by James Blunt

Okay so I might actually be giving this song an unnecessarily hard time. The fact that when this song came out, I was trying to get over (very badly) this girl who I felt was the love of my life but who was seeing (and alas ended up marrying) this other guy. And I “had to face the truth” that I could never be with her. This song made me cry multiple times and now it just annoys me terribly. It still reminds me of her 13 years later. 

3. “It Doesn’t Matter” by Melky Sedeck, Wyclef Jean and The Rock

The Rock is awesome. Hell, the people’s champ is the reason I got back into wrestling in 2000 after a long absence because of the man’s sheer charisma, comedic timing and bad assery. And Wyclef Jean has also had his moments. But this song, if you can all it that, was awful. 

2.  “Axel F by Crazy Frog”

This abomination is the spawn of a bizarrely successful ringtone and I swear some mad scientist somewhere. The Beverly Hills Cop tune is tiresome enough on its own but add a crazy frog to it and you get – apparently – a multi week number one hit. 

1. THE WORST: “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston

Oh my God, there are not enough words to describe how much I hate this song. Everything from the cheesy background music / rip off of Stand By Me to his voice. I loathe this tune. It makes me “Suicidal”. If you can stomach it, click below. 

What songs annoy you?

15 thoughts on “Top 5 most annoying pop songs of the last 16 years. 

    • I remember when I heard on the radio for the first time. I was on the way back from uni and I thought it was some sort of prank from a DJ. I just laughed it off. Then the next morning I heard it again and was just blown away. What’s worse is that it’s on my iPad. So is Bonanza by Akon ha ha.

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    • I generally like Rihanna. I liked her when she first made it big in like 2005/2006 and have generally followed her stuff. Thing is, I quite like the majority of the Diamonds song too. But for some reason, the chorus sounds weird. I like a cover of the song though.

      Check it out!

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