Help. I’m being stalked by an alien (Alien Isolation on X-box)

So here I am on mission 15 out of 18 and I’m stuck under a gurney. I’m facing a door that needs me to do some genius hand movements using an Access Tuner but, I can’t get past it. Why? Because I’m nervous and keep screwing up! Why? Because there is a xenomorph or alien hiding in the air vents that desperately wants to kill me. I’m not particular thrilled by this. So every time I get to that access panel, I’m shaking like an idiot trying to stick the code in when my motion detector reminds me that a big black thing with teeth is heading towards me and I bail quickly getting under the gurney again before the alien does its rounds. I’m thinking that I should be having more fun of this playing Alien Isolation but I really just want this nightmare to end. And I know it’s going to get worse before it ends.  


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